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What are some of the reasons for the human brain to bleed

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A:Any kind of serious brain injury could cause the brain to bleed. There is also a condition called hemophilia that causes excessive bleeding because the blood won’t clot. Thanks ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-of-the-reasons-for-the-human-brain-to-bleed ]
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What is the scientific reason for the human brain freeze?
Since the correct answer has already been posted, I will give the cure. To stop a brain freeze, press your tongue against the top of the inside of you mouth. The warmth from your tongue will cause the temperature to balance out and stop the…
Are there any reasons to have extra brain tissue?
I have no idea what they would be talking about either. CT scans of the brains are not the best diagnostic study for a brain tumor. You should have an MRI. If the radiologist did not recommend a follow-up MRI, you should insist on one.
What is Descartes’ Error: Emotion, Reason, and the Human Brain??
Descartes’ Error: Emotion, Reason, and the Human Brain is a book by neurologist Antonio R. Damasio, in which the author presents the argument that emotion and reason are not separate but, in fact, are quite dependent upon one another. Damas…

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what do you think about this story about Metallica that i wrote?
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A: A bit strange, the idea is basically there but your ability to express your feelings/thoughts coherently are slightly lacking.It needs a lot of tweaking, but I admire your creativity and the attempt.Keep up the good work.
What do these dreams mean? (3 dreams)?
Q: A recurring dream (not the SAME exact dream happens, but all are very similar):Some guy is chasing me and he is armed. I always try to get help, by means of phone or other people. It all started in the mall. This one guy was trying to chase me down and stab me. I momentarily lost him and phoned 911. Nothing happened. Then he finds me again. I run and tell my Mom. She lets us leave. We drive home and I’m like “Phew we lost him”. Next thing I know my door swings open right in front of me when I’m taking my shoes off with him smiling. Him and my mom both have grip of the knife trying to stab one another by tilting it in the other direction like movies. He ended up hitting her on the head with the handle of the knife knocking her out. I run out of my house to a neighbor’s house. He was like yeah I can handle him. He got a gun only to get killed by some ninja stars. I get out of the house by a window then he throws the ninja stars at me then my whole dream went red, and I transitioned into some dream with pandas which is so weird I’m not even going to bother to try to find it out. A dream similar to this happens once every other week sometimes more frequent. 3 nights ago:I lost my thumb. I didn’t feel any pain though, and I didn’t wake up when I lost it. It kind of just fell off. I don’t really remember how it fell off well, but it was really mysterious and I think it just fell off. For some reason in my dream thumbs have no skin where the actual joint is. I thought my dream of being in the NFL was crushed. My Mom took me to the hospital and they simply wrapped it up in gauze+medical tape were it would be if it were connected. No blood at all, again. I kept checking to see if it went back connected and it just slips off. This dream caused me extreme dread during the dream. Last night:I pretty much re-lived a near death experience by my sister. What happened in real life was my big chocolate lab blind-sided her when my sister got in the way of her chasing a squirrel (freak accident, my lab would never harm any human, and probably not even that squirrel) and my sister fell, hit her head on the pavement, came in screaming and my Mom took her to the hospital. She had to stay like 3 days over-night due to a fractured skull and brain bleeding. Now she is totally fine and more annoying than ever. But I want to know why I relived this dream.
A: Common theme of your dreams–the fears–so this issue needs addressing in a meditation or a day-dream. Your dreams seems to be warning you to do something as soon as possible, that’s why the theme repeats, before fears will destroy your life. I hope it helps.
Does frontal lobe damage explain my problems?
Q: I’m a sixteen year old high school junior, and I’ve been in a very confusing “funk” for a pretty long time. Though I’ve always had a decent amount of friends, or at least a couple of really good friends at once, I can’t say I’m happy with my social life. I have a terrible relationship with my family. Anytime when I speak to the people who care about me, the conversations come off as unnatural and pretentious to me. I know it seems sick and wrong, but I actually consider my self so radically different from family members, that I’m actually starting to resent the way they are and being a part of their lives. Though I haven’t said this to anyone in my family directly, I’m pretty sure they get the idea when they see me and I completely disregard their presence.In school, I’m different from all the other kids. I do what I can to fit in with everyone else, but I’ve never been my true self even around my closest friends. It’s all an act for me. Nothing is ever real, just me covering myself up in fear of being too different from others. I consider myself and have often been told that I am much more mature than kids my age, and I generally take interest in more “adult” things rather than “teenager” things. I’ve had no success in dating, I haven’t even come close to having any type of a relationship, even though I crave one. I also can’t find a job, and have never done well with grades in school.All of these strange social issues and bizarre personality traits have puzzled me for a while now. I’ve always been searching for the reasons why. Perhaps there is no reason, it’s just the way it is and I’m paranoid…but I guess it’s more comforting to think about having something to blame the constant misery and depressive states on (typically human of me, right?). I’ve come up with several different theories, all of which have ended up flawed….. until my most recent one: When I was about 6 or 7 years old, I was first learning how to ride a bike without training wheels. It was a rainy late afternoon and I was using my dumb friend’s bike. Finally, I got the hang of it…and I was doing it successfully for the first time ever….with only this dumb friend to witness. The fun came to an end when I slipped on the bike and wiped out- head first into the concrete. Without question….the frontal lobe of my brain got the worst of it. I ran home, hand on my bleeding head. When I got home, I didn’t go to the hospital, never saw a doctor for it…..just put some ice and bandages on it until the bleeding stopped.Obviously, the frontal lobe is the most important part of our brains that controls our minds. I’ve also read that damage to the frontal lobe can cause social and family issues, depression, poor decision making, and inability to perform tasks consistently. So do you think my problems can be explained by this? If so, can anything be done about it?
A: A previous head injury may certainly have an impact on certain skills and personality traits of an individual (even though I’m not a doctor 🙂 It’s not an excuse for certain behaviors or such but even a small bonk has been known to cause problems with thinking, processing (understanding), concentrating and other issues. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have frontal lobe damage or other injury, but please do discuss your concerns with your doctor. (Please do Not try to self-diagnose or self-treat.) A minor concussion may not show damage on a cat (computerized axial tomography) or mri (magnetic resonance image) scan but if you’re wondering about the difficulties that you’re having and if they’re related to the previous head injury, a neuropsychologist (a licensed psychologist that specializes in how the brain affects behavior and mainly works with those with head injury or other problems affecting processing) may evaluate you through testing and assessment.If the issues that you’re talking about are interfering with your academics or within the school environment, you may be able to get an evaluation by the Child Study Team (cst) which usually consists of the school social worker, learning disabilities teacher-consultant (ldtc) and school psychologist. With your parents’ permission, you should be able to get tested and then be able to get support services while in school. How about talking with your guidance counselor about it and he/she can refer you to the cst for further assistance.This is a website about head injury (though, once again, please do not self-diagnose 🙂 http://www.biausa.org
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