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What are some physical characteristics of metals

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Metals are characterized by the following physical properties. 1. They have metallic shine or luster. 2. They are usually MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-physical-characteristics-of-metals ]
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What are some physical characteristics of metals
Metals are characterized by the following physical properties. 1. They have metallic shine or luster. 2. They are usually MORE?
What are the physical characteristics that distinguish metals fro…?
Metals in general have superior electric and thermal conductivity, high luster and density, and the ability to be deformed under stress without cleaving. There is no rigorous definition for the term “nonmetal” – it covers a genera…
What are three physical characteristics of metals
Metals are grouped in 4 categories: alkali, alkaline earth and transition metals. Alkali highly reactive, found freely in nature.

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what are some chemical and physical characteristics of the metal mercury?
Q: and i really don’t want wikipedia please.
A: Hi,I suggest the links I posted under sources.Good luck,Ron Novik(M.Sc. Chemistry)
What are some differences in physical and chemical properties of metals and nonmetals?
Q: What characteristics of the electronic configurations of atoms distinguish metals from nonmetals? On the basis of this characteristic, explain why there are many more metals than nonmetals?
A: physical properties deals with the boiling point, freezing point and their state of existence whereas chemical properties deals with the reactions of the metals with non metals.nonmetals react with other nonmetals easily, but metallic reactions are slow.
In Chemistry… when comparing Zinc and Iron what are the physical differences?
Q: I had a lab this past thursday where we had to find the density and specific heat of an UNKNOWN metal. My SH and D were both CLOSE to both Zinc and Iron. My metal looked like a light gray substance and it looked like it had at one point been melted and dropped into small hershey kiss shapes. Can anyone tell me some physical characteristics that would deem it one or the other. Thanks.
A: Since it looked as though it was melted, my first inclination would be to select zinc because zinc has a lower melting point than iron and can thus be “shaped” at lower temperatures.Very quick test can tell the difference between the two…add some HCl (~ 6M) to the two metals. The zinc will evolve hydrogen gas (you will see some bubbling) but the iron will not react with the HCl (at least not to any appreciable extent).
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