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What are some ways to fade strech marks

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Consume foods that promote skin health: foods rich in zinc, such as nuts or fish; foods high in vitamins A & C will help. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-ways-to-fade-strech-marks ]
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What are some ways to fade strech marks
Consume foods that promote skin health: foods rich in zinc, such as nuts or fish; foods high in vitamins A & C will help.
What is the best way to fade stretch marks?
There is a lot of stretch mark treatment available on the market these days. Some treatments are more effective in fading or even eliminating stretch marks, but the success of the treatment depends on a few different things. First of all is…
Is there any way to fade stretch marks?
some say that coco butter works but you will see best results if have red stretch marks, sliver-ish stretch marks don’t fade that much.

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What are some ways to fade or minimize the appearence of strech marks?
Q: I wanna look good in my bathing suit but I can’t. !!please Help!!
A: I just had a baby so i have strech marks. I use Mederma Once a day ususally before bed. Throughout the day i regularly apply cocoa butter to them. I found that if i applied the coca butter to them during the day that the Mederma would work much better. Mederma is a greaseless, pleasant-smelling, topical gel that’s formulated to improve the appearance and feel of just about any kind of scar. Whether you have stretch marks from a pregnancy or a scar from surgery, MEDERMA® can help make your scar appear softer and smoother. No matter if it’s old or new.
What is a good way to get rid of strech marks without any sort of surgery?
Q: I have strech marks on the inside of my inner thighs. I’m really fat or anything, but I’ve had them my whole life. I’d love to wear shorts in the summer to show off my legs, but I’m so embarrassed. What are some ways to hide them or fade them over time?
A: Cocoa butter may fade them slightly, but it will not get rid of them.Some people find that sunless tanning treatments (both over-the-counter lotions and sprays and in-salon types of treatments) can help cover up stretch marks. Although there are tons of creams and other skin products on the market that claim to eliminate stretch marks, the truth is that most are ineffective and often costly. You can’t make stretch marks go away entirely without the help of a dermatologist (a doctor who specializes in treating skin problems) or plastic surgeon. These doctors may use one of many types of treatments – from actual surgery to techniques such as microdermabrasion and laser treatment – that reduce the appearance of stretch marks. These techniques are expensive and are not usually recommended for people in their teen years because they are not finished growing and their stretch marks will probably diminish over time anyway.
Ok so what is the real deal/solution if any to strech marks?
Q: I had a baby 5 months ago and am left with a lot of reddish strechmarks. (belly, hips, and thighs all the way down to my calves) I know they will fade in time(hopefully) but I figured they would have lost some of their redness by now. I don’t put much stock in the lotions and stuff plus I don’t have time to be putting lotion on 5 times a day with a new baby. Can I get sun? Will that make them look less apparent or are you not suppose to get any sun on them? I have heard both. Any ideas or am I doomed to pants and T shirts and forget a swimsuit ever again?
A: You cannot get rid of stretch marks unless you have laser surgery to get them removed. Scientists cannot exactly find an accurate 100% sure solution to prevent stretch marks, but the closest thing is that most people say you should drink a lot of water to keep your body/skin hydrated and healthy for the stretching while pregnant, and yes, lotion may help as well.I’m sorry about this news, I wish I could of told you about water sooner. But hey, it’s in the past – no need to feel bad regretting. The redness of the stretchmarks will go away over time – they’ll just look like scars which means they’ll blend into more of your skin color a bit more, but they’ll still be noticable.Also, if you’re going to be a parent, you should be able to wear your stretch marks with pride. Be proud of your child and they will remind you how much you really love your kid. You gave up your body for your baby. That’s really just life.Goodluck!
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