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What are the benefits of birth control? MORE

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….ectopic pregnancy (pregnancies that occur outside the uterus, usually in the fallopian tube) , decreases menstrual blood loss and pain and cramps, less severe premenstrual symptoms, more regular menstrual cycles, improves acne, improve bone… [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-benefits-of-birth-control%3F-more ]
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・ Birth control is commonly used to prevent pregnancy. Depending on what method you use, birth control… ・ Some forms of birth control protect against the transmission of diseases, such as gonorrhea, syphilis… ・ Doctors often prescribe b…
Birth control can be used to treat all of your symptoms. Certainly it can be used to suppress the development of ovarian cyst. Since it is a hormone it will help control any hormone imbalances and symptoms of PMS. With severe cases of PMS y…
The purpose of birth control is to prevent pregnancy by blocking male sperms access to female eggs. Birth control methods include oral contraception, shots, condoms, IUDs and diaphragms. In addition to preventing pregnancies, birth control …

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what are some of the benefits and side effects of birth control pills?
Q: besides preventing pregnancy what are some of the other benefits of birth control pills. i have heard that they have other benefits such as shorter periods, more pleasant periods, clearer skin and but also i have heard that birth control pills can make you gain weight or make breasts grow larger so has anyone that has been on birth control expierenced any of these side effects or any other ones?
A: I’ve been on the pill for years, and here is what I’ve experienced:Benefits:shorter/nonexistent periodclear skinbigger boobsSide Effects:It killed my libido (especially the Nuvaring, which isn’t a pill but has the same hormones)Yeast infectionsBreakthrough bleedingSore boobsThe benefits & side effects have differed slightly for the different pills: Low dose ones seem to cause shorter periods, as well as breakthrough bleeding for me, strangely. I’ve never experienced any weight gain that I’ve noticed but my breasts are slightly larger/firmer. Neither have I experienced moodiness. But everyone reacts differently to the hormones. I had one year when I was getting a yeast infection every month or every other month, it was torturous. Then I realized it was my pill and I switched, and it went away. Anyway, good luck making your decision!
MORE birth control questions, lol?
Q: 1. What are some good brands that you would reccomend? Are there any that are taken every day but not necessarily at the same time every day?2. For the ones that you need to take at the same time, does it matter if you are off by half an hour or even an hour within the time you are supposed to take them?3. I don’t want to get the pill behind my mom’s back, but it would be so awkward for her to know that I want to have sex. I know there are other benefits of taking the pill (good skin, less period pains etc) So, what is a good way to suggest to my mom that I want to go on it but NOT for sexual purposes? In other words what are some other benefits I could mention?I know it’s wrong to hide that from her, but I really would be using it for more than just pregnancy prevention so it’s not completely lying. Just not telling her the whole truth.Thanks in advance!:]
A: i told my mom.. and i thought i was pregnant. so i got the worst look and talk ever. haha. but ive been on the patch and the ring, and the ring has done the best for me.i was worried about forgetting everyday to take the pill, and the patch came off alot because im a dancer. so the nuvaring was the best thing for me. now i dont think it really matters with the pill.. as long as you take it everyday. my mom and sister either take it in the morning or at night. so when you wake up or when you go to bed.now about your mom, true it isnt the best thing to do, but if you just want to be safe.. thats great. i tell my friends to tell your mom you have seriously painful cramps and want birthcontrol to control your cramps and when you start. that should be more convincing. no problem sweetie. i know ive had these questions before.. and any kind of answer is helpful
What’s the benefit to taking low estrogen birth control pills?
Q: What’s the benefit to taking low estrogen birth control pills as suppose to regular ones? Is estrogen harmful? Are there more side effects? The only side effect I’m aware of is that across the board low estrogen pills are more likely to lower your sex drive, curtesy of the famous Dr. Drew, so I was wondering if there is anything else to consider.Thanks so much!
A: Estrogen CAN be harmful–lifetime exposure to estrogen is positively correlated with lifetime risk of breast cancer and uterine cancer. So it’s thought that the lower estrogen pills will be better in that regard. But your risks are still very small, so it’s not a huge difference. Other problems you might have with the low estrogen pills are constipation and dry skin. But all pills affect libido, so you migth want to skip them all.
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