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What are the benefits of eating wheat bread

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Whole wheat contains lots of B1, B2, B3, E, folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, iron, and fiber and may reduce weight! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-benefits-of-eating-wheat-bread ]
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What are the benefits of eating wheat bread?
Whole wheat bread is much higher in fiber than white bread. Fiber aids digestion and most people are aware of this. However, fiber’s benefits go beyond healthy digestion. Fiber helps you feel full and makes it easier for you to control your…
What the health benefits of eating lots of 100% wheat bread??
Complex carbohydrates are the best for your body. Besides the nutrients it contains, complex carbohydrates require more work for you body to break down so it keeps you hungry longer! You can also get whole wheat pasta, crackers, etc.
What are the heath benefits of eating wheat bread over white brea…?
Whole wheat bread is much higher in fiber than white bread.Fiber helps you feel full and makes it easier for you to control (more)

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What are the health benefits of eating whole wheat bread vs. white?
Q: I am eating that kind of wheat bread, it is kind of sweet but really good. I am just wondering about the health benefits/differences between white bread and wheat bread.Looks like 100% whole wheat….We also bought other bread that has 7 whole wheats or something like that, my family has devoured that bag already 🙂
A: The wheat bread that you are eating is probably sweet because of some complex additives, one of which would invariably be sugar. Also chemicals and preservatives are part of the mix to increase its shelf life. Still, it is certainly a healthier alternative to the white bread. The flour in white bread is white through finer grinding and sifting (not through bleaching) and in the process many phytonutrients are lost. The carbohydrates in the white bread are easily digested and almost immediately converted to blood sugar. That results in weight gain or hampers weight loss. In the wholegrain bread varieties the structure of the carbohydrates is more complex as less fiber and wheat germ has been lost in the milling process. As a result, your body gets the fuel it needs for physical or mental activity at a more measured pace. The fibers preserved in the larger unmilled particles of flour will improve your intestinal activity, The vitamins and minerals give your body the necessary energy boost.Watch out for preservatives in whole wheat bread. Try an artisanal bakery or bake yourself for a change. I am sure, you and your family will taste the difference.
what are the benefits of eating wheat bread?
A: Actually, it is not easy to digest, and this is a big plus for you since it releases energy more slowly into your system than white bread, saving you from rapid rises in blood sugar levels which can cause you to quickly become hungry again and eat more than what you need.-also, it is has more benefits than white bread: more B vitamin, more Fiber
whole wheat vs. white bread?
Q: what are the benefits of eating whole wheat bread instead of white??
A: The two biggest differences between white bread and whole wheat are the processing and the nutritional value. Flour is made from wheat berries. The wheat berry is made up of the bran, the germ and the endosperm. All parts are filled with nutrients and are used in whole wheat flour. White bread on the other hand, uses only the endosperm – the starchy inner layer. There is a total of 30 nutrients missing in white bread. The nutritional difference is immense and has measurable impact on our health.
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