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What are the benefits of taking Zinc and Magnesium

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I am not sure. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-benefits-of-taking-zinc-and-magnesium ]
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What are the benefits of taking Zinc and Magnesium
I am not sure.
Can I just take a zinc supplement and and magnesium supplement an…?
used in his ZMA supplement are in a form known as zinc and magnesium aspartate which helps to minimize interference in the uptake of these minerals. Also it may be more difficult to get zinc magnesium and B6 in the proper amounts when takin…

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Berocca effervescent tablets? I just started taking them. Use to take Redoxon.?
Q: I sweat a lot during my work-outs at the gym( 4 times a week) and I also use a far infrared sauna after gym(4 times a week).I only take them on the days I am at the gym and sauna,which is a total of 4 tablets a week.I was told I need the trace mineral magnesium and zinc due to the sweating.My concern is that the tablets contain aspartame and I have read about it’s properties.Do you think the benefits far out weighs my concerns? What alternatives would be better?
A: Trust me, Berroca tablets are very good for your health! It really worked at me. I felt very tired and I had problems with losing my hair and after one month from taking them, my hair began to regenerate and I felt full of energy. Aspartame is not bad for your health if it’s taken in small amounts. Many vitamins and effervescent tablets contain it. Don’t worry and keep your health at a good level!
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