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What are the most effective acne pills

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Most effective acne pill based on Effectiveness, Safety, Consumer Satisfaction, and Value. #1 – Editor’s Choice: “7 Day Acne Detox.” Rate: 9.4. Effectiveness: 9.8. Safety: 9.6. Value: $79.95. Retail: $49.95. ChaCha On!!! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-most-effective-acne-pills ]
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How Effective Acne Pills Are?
Are you looking for the best acne treatment? Have you ever considered taking acne pill? Accutane is probably the most popular acne pill at present on the market. Acne sufferers around the world are snagging this medication off the Interne…
Are birth control pills effective against acne and depression??
Used in small amounts, birth control pills do have a positive effect on acne. That is proven for a fact. And it works on PMDD, the most severe form of premenstrual syndrome. And PMDD is similar as depression, so it works on it too. Imagine …
Are any pills effective for acne scarring and skin discoloration??
No, there are no systemic medications for acne scarring or discoloration. A good diet with lots of fruits and vegetables can help maintain healthy skin.

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What is the most effective acne treatment you’ve used?
Q: I have mild to moderate acne, but I’d like to prevent breakouts and clear my skin. I have pretty sensitive skin, and I do not want to take a pill. What would you suggest? Thanks! 🙂
A: Neutrogena Acne Face Wash BarGarnier Nutri-Pure Microbead Cream Scrub& Neutrogena Moisture for either Normal, Oily, or combination skin*I heard Proactiv works wonders!! BUT once you stop using it the acne is back to say hello — Thats how they make their money; the ingredients in Proactiv is like crack to the skin but once you stop using it its all over for your face.
What is the most effective brand of birth control pills….?
Q: for making your periods more regular and getting rid of acne?
A: Any type of hormonal birth control will make your periods regular and help with acne. If you acne is bad, Yaz is good for it. But any birth control will help to decrease testosterone and decrease acne.
what is the most effective and fastest way to get rid of the grayish dark shades on my face from excema?
Q: I have these left over dark grayish shades on my face from excema and these really dark brown spots from acne what should is the most effective and fastest way to remove these marks from my face. I want my skin to be back to normal like it was 6 months ago because having these spots on my face is depressing me and distracts me from concentrating on the more important things in my life. I take the doxycyclin pill twice daily and use ziana before i go to bed and benzaclin in the morning on my acne spots after washing my face with aveeno face wash.
A: if you have VMV hypoallergenics in your place you could try their armada products.face cover spf 45 is very good,as it is skin lightening,full-spectrum,indoor and outdoor sun and light screen.also,it is intensive,opaque protection against skin darkening,skin cancer,photoageing,and melasma.it helps lighten hyperpigmentations and overall skin tone.it does not clog pores.i so love this product.they have a wide range of skin products that you’ll adore.check it: http://www.vmvhypoallergenics.com/shop/product.php?productid=71&cat=0&page=1
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