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What are the trace minerals found in the body

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Trace minerals are: chromium, copper, fluoride, iodine, iron, manganese, selenium and zinc. These are found in less than 5 grams. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-trace-minerals-found-in-the-body ]
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What are the trace minerals found in the body
Trace minerals are: chromium, copper, fluoride, iodine, iron, manganese, selenium and zinc. These are found in less than 5 grams.
How do we replenish the organic trace minerals in our bodies??
The answer to both questions are a substance called Fulvic Acid! Fulvic Acid (a derivative of humic acid) is the first biological step in changing inorganic trace minerals into organically complexed, soluble trace minerals, which can be u…
How do minerals and trace minerals actually work inside our body??
Voluminous research has proven that minerals and trace minerals are vital to our well being and are the key to abundant good health and vitality. These elements work together to operate in complete harmony. The minerals and trace minerals w…

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Ok fun questions, first person to answer them all correctly gets 10 pts.?
Q: 1 What unsoundness is most noticeable when backing a horse?2 Describe the ideal angles of a horses front and back feet?3 What term is used to describe a hoof angle of 65degrees or more?4 When is the mare in anestrus?5 What is the largest bone in the horses head.6 What is the term used to describe a horse that eats dirt due to a mineral deficency.7 A horse who toes in and is a bit base narrow, will travel with what motion fault?8 name 5 parts of a harness9 What internal parasite will cause a horse to rub its tail?10 A normal foals body weight weighs what % of the mares weight?11 Which bone of the horses foot serves as a pulley for the deep flexor tendon?12 Name 4 trace minerals relevant to equine nutrition.13 What is the common comformational fault of the rear limbs that puts strain on the plantar ligament leading to a curb?14 Without feed a horses stomach will complete empty in how many hours?15 Where would you find an osselet?have fun!!Hey its my olympic rider friend who spams my email allllll the time, welcome!!Lets see, I dont believe it was to post pointless questions, it was basically to not lie, to get some anger management help *not working I see*, and to actually enhance your horse skills by studying.Why thumbs down to the other 2, simply because you can’t answer them? Again, my friend who gives 16yr olds a bad name, move along to Howrse, its more your style :)Eagle, i cal it the leech factor, walk by them and they just latch on, but only this time, the salt ain’t working lolAnswers!!1. Stringhalt2. Front 45-50 Back 50-603. Club foot4. During the winter or shorter daylight hours.5. Mandible6. Geophagia7. Paddle8. back strap, belly band, breast collar, breeching, hip strap, saddle, tugs, shaft carrier, crupper, girth, neck strap, traces, thimble, check, over check, side check9. Pinworms10. 10%11. (distal sesmoid) Navicular bone12. Iodine, Zinc, Maganese, Iron, Copper, Cobalt, Selenium13. Sickle hocked or cow hocked.14. 24hrs15. Fetlock jointRukia and Phoebe were soooo close, but Rukia was .5pts aheadGreat job you guys, if you want more of these, I can give them to you. I have a site I pull them off.
A: 1. stringhalt2. Front: 45-50 Back: 5–603. club foot4. during the winter5. mandible6. Geophagia7. Paddle8. i don’t know…9. Pinworms10. 10%11. navicular bone12. iron, copper, cobalt13. Sickle hock14. 24 hrs15. Fetlock
Calorie Obsessed, help!?
Q: Hi everyone, I’m having a little trouble with being obsessed with calorie counting and I wanted to hear your thoughts on it. And it’s a long read! So if you read it, please tell me your thoughts/what I should do. If you don’t want to read, just scroll to the bottom and help me out with the last question ^_^! Thanks!When I was ‘lil, I was pretty chubby, (around.. 7 years old or so). I live in an area where looks are EVERYTHING, even relatives would critique my appearance! And even when I was 7!!!! I thought that was harsh, but I wanted to get a better body. So when I was 11 years old, I learned about calorie-counting.. etc etc, in my Pre-Bio class, and I started to do it. Which means that I’ve been counting calories since 6th grade! A LOT of people would say this is unhealthy, because I need a nutrition surplus in order to grow properly. But that’s just what I did and I did it very precisely. (Only going over 110% of the nutritional amounts I needed (Protein, Essential Fats, Carbs, Minerals, that stuff). Anyway, so since then I’ve maintained 8% body fat, and I have been ridiculously/insanely/infinitely obsessed about keeping my body fat percentage the same. For example, I’ve gone to calorie-counting sites, and I’ve used my kitchen scale so many times that I can just LOOK at food, and estimate its nutritional value. This might seem like a useful skill, but it’s taking over my life now. When I go out to eat, I’ll look at the menu and spend 10 minutes dissecting each item’s caloric/fat/protein/cholesterol/carb/etc, value. But in the end I decide on a salad, or something. In the event that I DO pick.. a steak or something, I’ll spend so much time, pushing away all of the oil, extra sauce, trimming away fat down to the meat, and only eating half of the food.I asked my doctor about this, and he said I’m just health conscious. I asked my friends and family about this and they just also said I’m health conscious. But I KNOW it’s something more, since I’m so obsessive about it. And I know I’m not anorexic or bulimic, because I’ve never forced myself to throw up, I’m not under the essential body fat percentage, and I don’t see myself as fat, just “on the brink of becoming fat.” If you know what I mean.I do cardio, lifting, and I have a preplanned routine that I set up a month ago, which will guide my eating till December. (Is that bad? I haven’t had candy, drinks other than water, milk, and protein, nor dessert for years.) I’ve been using supplements (vitamins and “good” supplements, not steroids) and protein, since I was 13, and I’m pretty sure I’ve been in a caloric-deficit or maintenance (same as burned, so I don’t lose or gain weight) for .. 5 years straight now, only going over maybe 3-4 days in total.I had my checkup yesterday, and I’m healthy in all aspects: stable blood sugar level, lower blood pressure, very low LDL cholesterol. My doctor even told me that whatever I’m doing is fine for my body, since my diet will only make me lose water, fat, or trace amounts of lean body mass.I’m just so afraid that I’ll lose my sleekness that I HAVE to watch what I eat. I looked up stuff describing my problem, and I only found “self consciousness, anxiety.. etc” Is that the problem? I know I’m anxious and self-conscious but that really can’t be what’s causing this could it? The reason why I randomly decided to ask this today, was because my friend asked me what kind of chocolate I liked, and I said, I didn’t know. (Since I haven’t tasted chocolate [not even protein flavor :(] for years.)It’s really taking over my life now, and since I’ve never told anyone about this I don’t know what’s wrong.As an added question.. Is there really an “end” to dieting? My goal when I was 11 was to have a set of rock-hard abs. But then after I got to that body fat %, I had to KEEP dieting, and KEEP watching what I was eating in order for it to stay that way.Thanks again!!Wow! Thanks for the quick replies.ilikemondays and onehundredpercent, I think you girls are right about that.To your reply:I’m OCD about eating the exact amount of calories: 1850 a day, depending on my current weight ~ +- 10I rarely think about food, because I’m not hungry, or I already know what I’m going to eat. (Every 2 hours, I’d have x amount of y.)I don’t really weigh myself to see if I’ve gained, since ultimately I’m gonna get bigger (Lifting).Yes! It’s really interfering with my life! I thought it was all fine since I planned it out, but compared to my friends’ lives, it’s a million times more complicated. I slept over my friend’s house and he can orders what he FEELS like eating, doesn’t have to follow a workout and eating schedule, doesn’t have to worry about cardio/lifting 4-5 times a week.. etc.Thnx again for the answers!Added note!I have basically told my doctor, the above, and he tells me it’s fine..? >.>!I think I might end up seeing a psych’ again, since from the responses/messages I got were about my mental health!
A: Believe it or not I have just the same obsession. It all started when I was in the 7th grade. I was a bit fat so my mom took me to a doctor. She gave me a diet and I lost weight. But actually everything started after I lost weight. I too count calories of everything I eat during the day and it sometimes takes over my life. For example when me and my bf go out for dinner, I order a steak and end up eating 1/3 of it in order to reduce its calories. When I talked to my mom about that she told me it was OK. So I guess it’s just fine. And for the other question there is no end to dieting. Once you start it, you never end it. And staying thin after dieting is as important as losing weight in the first place.
Hey medically professional, or MATURE people, I have a seaweed question?
Q: Ok, so I was doing some research of my own, and found PHENOMENAL benefits of seaweed for the body, and mind. I read it has more minerals, more vitamins, and more trace elements than any other food on the PLANET.It even KILLS cancer cells without harm to normal cells.It’s a long list of things the stuff does.Anyways, my question is, is that I’m gonna start eating dried seaweed all day every day for the next 3 days. I bought that ‘naked’ juice drink, [the one with the algae in it] and will be drinking that, water, and green tea everyday. What should I expect to see within the three days of doing this?
A: You will most likely feel more full due to drinking plenty of fluids. Drinkng green tea will raise your metabolism, so you will have an easier time losing weight. I don’t believe that the health effects of seaweed will be apparent in three days though.
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