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What can you do for dry and oily skin with acne

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Clinique provides a line of products for dry and oily skin. I personally use these items and they are great. They have products for men and women. It also helps prevent and reduce acne. Thanks for choosing ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-you-do-for-dry-and-oily-skin-with-acne ]
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What can you do for dry and oily skin with acne
Clinique provides a line of products for dry and oily skin. I personally use these items and they are great. They have products for men and women. It also helps prevent and reduce acne. Thanks for choosing ChaCha!
What is your skin type? normal, dry, oily or acne-prone??
Because Skin care products are engineered for specific skin types it is absolutely important to know your skin type. Knowing yours is the key to selecting the right Skin care product for your Skin.
How To Get Fair Colour and Solutions for Dry Skin,Oily Skin,Hairf…?
Description: A Complete Guide to Natural & Healthy way of Regrowing Hair and Rejuvenating Skin (Tips to Regrow Your Hair and Rejuvenate Your Skin)

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Have you tried this for your skin (helps with acne and oily skin, dry patches)?
Q: I recently discovered that using these products helped my skin. All skin is different, but if any of then might help you, then why not try? The important thing is to be gentle with your skin.So, top three products:-glycerin soap-olive oil-rose waterall these are fairly cheap, especially considering that it takes a very long time to use them all up.I don’t really have a routine set in stone, but basically, what I do in the morning is wash my face with the glycerin soap, and then use the rose water as toner. My skin was oily (the greasy type that gets slick 45 minutes after washing your face), and that seems to be very good in controlling it (but I think it is a combination of all the things I do).Sometimes, you might still need some lotion to combat the flaky bits (which I still get, even with oily skin), but I can tell mine are slowly reducing, and I need extra products less and less.If I have had make-up on my face during the day, I may either wash my face with glycerin soap (this is at the end of the day, but not right before I go to bed) and tone again with rose water, or I may massage my face with olive oil for a few minutes, and then wash with glycerin soap and tone.Then, right before I go to bed, I may or may not (this I say because you don’t have to do this every night, it’s up to you…customize it to your own skin type) do the OCM (Oil Cleansing Method)….well, actually it is my variation of it:Rub a teaspoon of olive oil over face.Soak towel in hot water (or run under hot water).Put towel over face until it cools, and dab at oil.Repeat towel soaking again.doneMy main goal was to share this, as it has really helped me (after a few weeks)P.S. Whereas some oils clog pores, olive oil (for me at least) doesn’t, and it actually draws out the bad stuff in pores, so that they don’t clog. If anything, it will make your acne less painful, and shortlived.So, for the purposes of the question, how many of you have tried this, and how many think that you will give it a shot?Do you have your own beauty tips?
A: I think you’re right about the glycerine soap. Being a guy I find this soap is alright. If I have some dry skin, after shave gel seems good too, zingy and cool.I might try that olive-oil if it helps your face clear up a bit, the finest of ‘blackheads’.But are you sure it is not your diet? Has that changed recently?Cool tips however, and glad you’re seeing results. It also sounds like the methods/measures are not too drastic. Nice one.
Need help with my dry, flaky, sever acne skin issue!?
Q: I have moderate acne with oily skin, and my skin has been pretty fine this year except now that summer is over and school has started, these past few weeks (especially) I’ve had really severe acne (large cysts) all over my forehead and a few on my chin (I realized I break out like crazy during this time of year for some reason). I’ve had bad acne since 5 years ago and I’ve been using the 3-step Proactiv system ever since about 3 years ago…but I’ve minimized the use because my bad acne has mostly cleared up since about 2 years ago so I just used mild cleansers like St Ive’s Apricot Scrub or other drugstore brand cleansers with Salicylic Acid in it instead of Proactiv’s Benzoyl Peroxide, and its been working fine. I’ve had pretty clear skin as far as I can remember until around this year mid-August and my face started breaking out, and especially now its really bad. So I went back to using the 3-step Proactiv system morning/night everyday now for about 2 weeks. And the thing is, it has been helping my cysts and acne…but my skin is terrible! After I wash my face with the cleanser (1st step in Proactiv), my skin is SO dry, especially my forehead! It seriously looks like after a severe earthquake and the ground has cracked into a thousand pieces…that is how my skin looks on my forehead! It is so dry and flaky. I can’t help but use my tweezer and pick out all the flaking skin off. And of course I can’t pick out every single little piece so I just use the toner (2nd step of Proactiv) to smooth it out…but after my forehead if you look closely, can see lines of where I peeled the skin off (the skin is paler)…and it looks horrible! Also when I raise my eyebrows and my forehead wrinkles, I can see that there’s like this whole layer of what looks and seems like dead, tanned skin on top of my (healthy skin?) on my forehead. Some additional information, I tanned and went out in the sun a lot over the summer (only using a SPF 8 on my face..So bad I know) so I guess its also the tanned skin on my forehead that’s peeling? Plus with the use of the drying out effects of Proactiv…I don’t know what to do. I’m paranoid that if I don’t peel the flaking/cracking skin off, it will go into my pores and clog them up and cause more acne. But I don’t like doing that either because 1. It takes up a lot of time and 2. The tweezers are probably unsanitary. But I don’t want to discontinue using Proactiv because I need it to help cure my acne. Also I don’t remember it drying out my skin this bad when I used it in the past. I am suffering…PLEASE HELP!!!!*severe…typo on the question -_-;ALSO I have not put any type of make-up on ever since I started breaking out with the numerous cysts, in hopes it would not worsen or agitate my breakout.
A: Are you using a moisturizer? Always, always use moisturizer even if you have oily skin. Believe it or not, it will actually help your skin and not break you out. I have very oily skin but I don’t break out, except during my time of the month. I cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize religiously. Benzoyl peroxide is very harsh on the skin and thats what’s drying you out. Just get an oil free moisturizer w/ atleast spf15 and then get a good night cream for more moisture. Exfoliating and moisturizer will get rid of the flakiness.
Oily,acne-prone skin! HELP
Q: My skin used to be quite smooth with hardly any oil, since i developed a few blemishes, i made sure i washed my skin regularly, now my skin has changed to the oily-type and thus i have developed acne due to blocked pores. My guess is because i did the over-excessive washing, my skin produced more oil :(What can i do to make my oily skin dissapear? will i be stuck with it forever?I’m on an acne cream called Quinoderm…the lowest percentage(5), and it does not seem to be doing anything other than making my cheeks red and irritable…i’ve been using it for a few months now – it’s meant to be drying to the skin but my skin still remains oily :(Has anyone else been throught this? If so, what were the treatments/products you have used to get your skin back to normal? I hardly wear makeup on my face, sometimes i put cover-up on my skin when i am going somewhere fancy, so that my face looks more “matte”. I’m sick of using this though, i want clear blemish-oil-free skin!Thankyou,(also please recommend UK products)
A: You might have not heard of this product, it’s called Fuller’s Earth, or Multani Mitti. It’s organic clay and originally is hard. I used to have the same problem that you described.Take one big piece of Fuller’s Earth, soak it in rose water, and leave for 10-20 minutes. The clay will absorb the rose water, and disharden. Make it into a thick paste using more rose water. Now apply this mud/clay to your face. (Not a lot as it will take a lot of time to dry) but just enough that your whole face is covered in a thin layer of mud brown clay. Let it stay on for 20-30 minutes. The clay hardens and turns light. Wash it off with warm water, and then cold water to close the pores.How this clay works? Well as it hardens on your skin, it opens up the pores and sucks the oils from the oil glands as well as digs out dirt, bacteria and other toxins. As it hardens, the blood vessels in your skin contract but as soon as you wash it off, they relax and blood is rushed to your face, infusing it with a glow.You don’t have to do it everyday. Once the acnes go, do it once a week. Till the acnes, don’t go, maybe once in two days or twice a week. It works like wonders.I’ve always believed to look good, we have to turn to nature.
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