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What could be wrong, I have been bleeding when I pee and have been having to pee a lot

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A:There are over 20 conditions this could be including, urinary tract infection, hemophilia, bladder cancer, & Asprin use. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-could-be-wrong%2C-i-have-been-bleeding-when-i-pee-and-have-been-having-to-pee-a-lot ]
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What could be wrong, I have been bleeding when I pee and have bee…?
There are over 20 conditions this could be including, urinary tract infection, hemophilia, bladder cancer , & Asprin use. ChaCha!

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What are the first signs of cervical cancer? I don’t know what could be wrong with me.?
Q: I’ve been feeling some really strange things in my lower body. It feels like everything is really heavy and I have to pee all the time but I don’t. Also last month I bleed everyday for about three weeks, then when me and my husband had sex again, it triggered the bleeding. It wasn’t a lot but like one teaspoon a day. My stomach was fluttering like crazy two nights ago and now its doing it again. If anyone has ever had any of these systems please let me know what it could be. Any help would be much appreciated. I do not have health insurance or any money to see a doctor but if I did trust me I would go in a heartbeat.
A: I live in canada and no offense but I hate the americans health care system everyone has the right to be healthy and being sick shouldnt make people worry about becoming in debt …. isnt there any free clinics………….?
Pregnant/Ovulating/Apendix/Hallucentating? What do you think could be wrong?
Q: Two weeks ago on Thursday, me and my boyfriend engaged in fourplay in his car, he fingered me until I was bleeding so we stopped because he had brownish red blood on his fingernails. Sunday he put his penis inside me without a condom on and then took it out. I went to the doctor on this past Friday and they told me I wasnt pregnant and that they found nothing wrong in my urine but I didnt give a good sample in the beginning with. My breasts arent sore but I have gas more than the normal every now again (poot) Today I was being more lazy and slept most of the day then I normally would, and my uterus is somewhat burning. I pressed on my stomache/uterus to see if it was hard or felt not normal, nope. At first I thought I had a urinary tract infection but it doesnt burn when I pee, my bowel movements are fine.I did have sex last night with protection and I cant go back on my birth control until my next period which isnt expected until this time next week. I have been REALLY stressed out this month for different reasons which could be the trigger, also my mom believes its just me growing up, I’m only 16. I feel as though I am just ovulating.. What do you think? Is it possible to ovulate a lot before your next period?What do you think could be wrong? What should I do?
A: First, you need to stop having unprotected sex and you wouldn’t be stressing like this. Second, why is your boyfriend fingering you like he is so that you bleed? Tell him to cut them claws down and use a lubricant next time.Third, you can take a over the counter test to see if you are ovulating. Different women ovulate at different times of the month.Lastly, when you stress it will irregulate your period. Stop stressing. If you are pregnant you will deal with it then. If not then you would have not loss any sleep over it. You have a 50-50 chance that you are not pregnant.Good Luck
What’s wrong with me?
Q: I’d feel a lot better if I could label this. Also, should I go to the doctor? If so, how soon? Okay, here we go…- Four days ago it really started that when I had bowel movements, I would bleed (from my anus).- Three days ago it started that within two to three hours of having any sort of drink, I’d need to go to the bathroom, and then would feel terribly dehydrated.- Two days ago it started that it hurt to pee.- Today it started that the area below my right ribs and above my right hip is hurting to no tomorrow.All of these are persisting currently.To help out…: I do not do drugs, I do not smoke, I do not drink, and I have not had sex in over two months, and when I had sex it was protected sex (condoms did NOT break).Should I go to a doctor? And any idea of what could be wrong?The reason I’ve been stalling going to the doctor is because I’m in Summer School. (I’m 17 years old) I don’t want to fail gym again, because the last time I failed gym was because I missed too many classes from being hurt/sick.I went to the hospital after passing out twice.Urinary Tract Infection and my Colon is clogged. I’ve been prescribed three antibiotics.Thanks, guys, because if it wasn’t for you, I would have just slept off the pain.Now I know what’s causing the pain.
A: Could be rectal cancer go to the doctor immediately bleeding from your rectum is never a good sign.
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