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What do celebs use to clear acne

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Jessica Simpson and Vanessa Williams are two stars who swear by Proactive Solution to cure their acne. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-celebs-use-to-clear-acne ]
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What do celebs use to clear acne
Jessica Simpson and Vanessa Williams are two stars who swear by Proactive Solution to cure their acne.

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i have bad acne?
Q: ive always had bad acne ive tried [poping it clean and clear the pads you use ive tried every thing but nothign is workign and i dont know what else to do i want to try proactive but i dont know if it will work since they pay celebs to come on it and say it works makes me a little suspicious since clean and clear does the same thing help plz
A: Go to a store that sells face creams/washes like wal-mart or a drugstore usually they have acne washes in kits or sepret pick one that you have heard good things about and try it sometimes you just have try something and see, if it works stick with it, if not try something else, also try tea tree oil (it kills bacteria) so it helps with small spots.Good luck, ance is such a pain!
is plain soap the way to go?? How to make my skin look fresh and alive???
Q: Hi after years of trying out products such as clinique, lancome, clarins I still have bad skin. I have been using for the past year clerasils ultra range as it cleared up spots and I loved the exfoliating effect. However, when I wash my face and apply no make up i literally look grey. I have patchy skin tone…red little patches….thin skin under my eyes which is literally grey/purple colour….dry patches between eyebrows which no exfoliating shits. I really look like one of those celebs without make up awful pics every day but I hate having to wear make up every single day as it adds 20 mins on to my routine every morning. Guys says they hate make up but i look a horror without it. Im only 24 and in good shape and the doctor says its not classed as problem skin as i dont have enough spots for it to be acne but the spots are horrible.What does anyone recommend for putting colour back into my skin and making me look healthy??
A: Try drink lots of water to hydrate your skin, eat fresh foods for vitamins etc….Only use natural product on your skin…….the chinese shop sell herbal soaps…Moisture you skin daily…..with vitamin e, olive oil, coco butter or pearl cream (purchase at chinese store)
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