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What do people with hemophilia look like

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A:Hemophiliacs generally look just like every day people, except that sometimes their skin might be slightly paler. ChaCha rocks! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-people-with-hemophilia-look-like ]
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What do people with hemophilia look like
Hemophiliacs generally look just like every day people, except that sometimes their skin might be slightly paler.

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Navel piercing help please (:?
Q: Navel 4 months to 1 year healin timeWash your hands first with soap and water before touching or cleaning the pierced area. (Don’t let anyone else touch the pierced area until it is healed.) Remove any crusty material from the site and from the jewelry with warm water. Gently wash the area around the piercing with antibacterial soap (liquid soap works the best). Gently rinse off all of the soap and crusty discharge. Gently dry the area with a paper towel or plain white napkin. (Bacteria can stay in cloth towels.) Do steps 1-5 twice a day until the skin heals. (Over-washing or over-scrubbing can irritate the area.) Do NOT use antibacterial ointments because they don’t allow air to get to the area and they trap bacteria. Here are a few things you should know:1. There is a risk of getting HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis! So ask your piercer if they use new and sterilized instruments. Make sure the room you’re in is sanitary and smells clean. If you have any doubts, you should leave right away and find a cleaner place.2. It is quite a lot of work to take care of a piercing. You must clean it 3-5 times daily. I cannot stress this enough! It is extremely important that you follow your piercer’s aftercare instructions! Your piercing might get infected if you neglect to clean it.3. Don’t get it if you have Diabetes, Haemophilia, or Keloids. 4. Don’t get it if you have low tolerance for pain or if you have a phobia of needles. You might faint!5. It takes about 3-9 months for a navel piercing to heal. During this time, you must be careful and clean it regularly.The Procedure:1. The piercer will clean the belly button area with some solution and mark it orange. Then, he/she will mark the entry points for the needle and ask you if that’s what you want.2. He/she will put on gloves and prepare the utensils. They might clamp you, if they do, don’t worry. You can’t even feel it (contrary to popular belief)! 3. Holding the clamp in place, they’ll ask you to take deep breaths and to relax. Try to think about something peaceful and hold somebody’s hand so you can take your mind off things. Then he/she will insert the hollow needle. To be totally honest with you, it hurt intensely for about four seconds and just stopped. The pain is minimal and very short, kind of like a shot you get at the doctors. 4. They’ll give you instructions for cleaning, but I have them listed for you below. They’ll clean it one more time and let you go. Have fun with your new belly!Aftercare Instructions1. You must clean your belly button 3-5 times daily with: Bactine, anti-bacterial soap, or ear-care solution. Make sure you rinse off all the soap.2. Salt water really helps, so buy non-iodized sea salt and put about 1/2 tsp in 1/4 cup of cooled boiled water. Put this in a shot glass or small medicinal cup and bend over. Place it over your navel and lay down and kill 15 minutes. This helps the healing process and will get rid of any pending infections. 3. Avoid swimming pools and spas. If you must, be sure to clean your navel immediately afterwards with the cleaning solution.4. Don’t mess around with it! Do not move it around or turn your belly button to look at it. If you want to see it, look in a mirror. 5. Don’t touch with dirty hands!6. Don’t let people touch it, or lick it. (Ew!) How will I know if my piercing is infected or irritated?Slight redness is normal for the first few days up to two weeks. There will be a discharge of a white/slightly yellow color, this is also normal. This discharge is called lymph, it is a natural substance that your body secretes during the healing process, do not mistake this for puss which is a thick, dark green discharge. Typical signs of irritation/infection are:Continued excessive redness Swelling or hardness Pain or sensation of heat in the area Thick, dark green dischargeWhat should I do if I think I have an infection?It is usually best not to remove jewelry in a piercing you suspect may be irritated or infected since this will close off any passageway for the discharge to escape. If you think the problem is serious come in for your piercer to look at it or visit a piercing knowledgeable doctor immediately.How will I know if my piercing is rejecting?Remember, all piercings can reject, though some have a higher tendency to do so. There is usually little or no pain associated with rejection. The signs to watch for are:Enlargement of the openings of the piercing, along with some redness.Discharge of a clear fluid.Itching and rash. This can be caused by the cleaning agents you are using, before panicking, change the cleaning agent and see if there is an improvement.What do I do if my piercing is rejecting?Not all bodies will accept the piercing you have selected. Sometimes trying a different type of material in the piercing will help improve the piercing. Should your piercing show signs of rejection get in touch with your piercer as soon as possible.oops. it didnt add the question: if your daughter did that much research on navel piercings would you let her get it pierced?I’m 15 got 6 othjer piercings
A: i got mine pierced when i was 15.my mom wasnt sure about it and i did all of that.and ive had mine pierced for awhile nowand ive had no problems with it at alli clean it like im supposed to and its fine.it costs a lot. do not get it pierced if it costs $45 or under.because then its not safe or sanitary.
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