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What do you call a person that bleeds a lot

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A:Hemophiliac a noun means someone who has hemophilia and is subject to uncontrollable bleeding. The man was a hemophiliac. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-call-a-person-that-bleeds-a-lot ]
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What do you call a person that bleeds a lot
Hemophiliac a noun means someone who has hemophilia and is subject to uncontrollable bleeding. The man was a hemophiliac. ChaCha!

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A: its not complicated. you dumb as fck. She aint cheating if she told ya a$$ about it and the dude forced himself but they had history so she prob didnt wanna put him in jail. You would have never known if she didnt say something so the fact that she said it to you rather than someone else means that it was bothering her and that she had to tell you because it was tearing her apart. Dude she loves you and before she starts to ignore that and move on. Go get ya girl, she didnt sleep with him when she was with u and an unwanted kiss…neither qualify as cheating. Go get your woman and stop acting dumb.
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