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What do you call a red bump like a rash

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There are many things that a red rash with a bump can be including acne, allergic reaction, hives, poison ivy and insect bites. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-call-a-red-bump-like-a-rash ]
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What do you call a red bump like a rash
There are many things that a red rash with a bump can be including acne, allergic reaction, hives, poison ivy and insect bites.

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How can you identify a rash?
Q: My daughter, 7 mos old, had a fever for about 2 consecutive days. I called her doctor and was asked if she had any rashes. She didn’t at the time I called, but the next day, after her fever went down, I noticed these little red, rash like bumps appearing all over her chest, stomach, face, and neck. What is this? Do you think it’s connected?
A: It’s probably connected. Call the Dr. back and tell him what you’ve observed.Some folks get rashes in conjunction with fevers – my wife and one son do, I and the other kid don’t – it’s most likely nothing to worry about. Just cover the bases to set your mind at ease.
red itchy rash on breasts, 21 weeks pregnant, help please?
Q: for the past few days i have noticed a red blotchy rash on my breasts, they have also been itchy but i didnt attribute the itchiness to the rash because its a weird kinda itch, the only way i can describe it is like the kinda itchy you get when you just got a haircut and there’s little pieces of hair stuck to you after. now im noticing there are also tiny red bumps along with the red blotches. does anyone know what it could be??also i know i should call my doctor, and i will but im 18 and im shy so its just hard for me i dont know why, i just worry that ill sound stupid or idk…anyways please help?i was thinking i could be allergic to cocoa butter but i dont have the rash on my stomach..only my boobs ughhdont think its a yeast infection, its only on the top portion of my breasts, not underneath which is where yeast infections occur
A: that kind of happenned to me. not on my breasts but on my legs. turned out that the perfumes in the soap was irritating my skin and the itch spread the more i used the soap. had to switch to a mild unscented soap and it cleared up in a few days. its all hormones, it makes your body go absolutely crazy.really, dont be shy about asking questions. even tho its embarrassing for you to ask, its nothing your doctor hasnt heard before. i had to ask and tell my doctor all sorts of embarrassing things like how constipated i was, that i started to pee myself whenever i sneezed or coughed, and that my breasts were leaking. trust me, the further along i got in my pregnancy, the less shame i had. i just wanted myself to be healthy for when the baby came and to be comfortable with all the strange things hapenning to my body.
Q: i sometimes get this purpley/reddy rash on the top 1/3 of my arms (outside part). it doesn’t hurt in any way, or make any sort of bumps on my skin….it looks like its embedded in my skin. i haven’t had it come up for a while, but noticed it today. i just had a hot shower which took a lot of the ‘purpleness’ out of it, and it subsided a bit, although you can still see it and it’s still red. a friend told me it was called dairy rash, which was a lack/overdose of calcium…which would be an overdose for me because i have lots of calcium daily…a few of my friends have it too, although they don’t know what it is either. does anyone have any ideas of what might be causing it?? thanks. =)
A: It may be pupuric rash. That is sort of small bleeding under the skin. It may be due to allergy or calcium deficiency ( i didn’t know excess of calcium can cause it.) If it occurs frequently and bothers you, get a check up. They may like to do a blood test.Good luck!
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