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What do you do for severe diaper rash

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Use products that contain zinc oxide ointment (such as Desitin Ointment) or petroleum to protect your baby’s skin from moisture. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-do-for-severe-diaper-rash ]
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Use products that contain zinc oxide ointment (such as Desitin Ointment) or petroleum to protect your baby’s skin from moisture.
All too often, I have had to figure out what to do for severe diaper rash. There is a stomach virus running rampant through our house right now. It started with me, spread to my husband, my oldest son, and then to Lucy. It has not been fun….
All too often, I have had to figure out what to do for severe diaper rash. There is a stomach virus running rampant through our house right now. It started with me, spread to my husband, my oldest son, and then to Lucy. It has not been fun….

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How do I treat very severe diaper rash in 14-month old?
Q: My son has had this very bad diaper rash on and off for the last two months. It gets so bad that it bleeds. It correlates with very frequent, soft stools. There are so many possible culprits for causes that we are overwhelmed and not certain how to help him. He is very uncomfortable and cries a great deal when it is bad. The area is restricted to just around his anus and is VERY bright red and terribly painful and sensitive. We have a prescription ointment that has a steroid and yeast infection treatment. It definitely helps a great deal and he usually is much better in the morning after having it on all night and no bowel movments during that time. However, while awake during the day the frequent bowel movements return (sometimes up to 3 times an hour) and the rash worsens. The bowel movments are very small and sticky. It is difficult to get him clean without causing him a lot of discomfort. Has anyone else experienced this? Do you know what was causing it? How and when did it stop?I guess some of you didn’t actually read all that i wrote. He is already being treated for a yeast infection with the ointment, also it is a prescription and he has been to the doctor twice for him to see the rash. The last time we were there he suggested it might be teething but that he couldn’t be sure. Chick, your response may be what it turns out to be given all the other stuff we’ve tried and our doctors observations. 6-8 weeks, though it sounds like a long time, actually makes me feel better since I know it ended for someone else.
A: Sounds like an allergy. Red rash just around the anus isn’t due to the stool, or it would cover more of the buttocks. It is a sign of an allergy. Now you just need to figure out WHAT he is allergic to.Introduce anything new around the time this started? I have known a family that had to reintroduce solids to their 16 month old due to this problem. It’s not easy, but it fixed the problem. They found out she was allergic to several things. Do some research on allergies, as this sounds like the most likely cause.ETA:I greatly suspect a dairy allergy. Try eliminating all dairy from his diet. (It can take 14-21 days to leave the system.) If the rash goes away you have to reintroduce dairy to make sure it is the cause. (I know it’s horrible but it has to be done!) I’ve been through this with my oldest son (allergic to red dye) and AM goung through this currently with my youngest (eliminating and reintroducing foods from my diet as he is breastfeed–so far I can’t have milk, chocolate, caffine, eggs, beans, citrus fruits, any carbonated beverage, tea or coffee (even decaf!!), I could go on! LOL)Dairy is probably the cause. Did you also introduce peanut butter? Wheat? Soy? Eggs? Could be any of these.Here is some info from a nutricinst and it does not include everything these allergies are included in.Milk/Dairy Avoid:Artifical Butter FlavorButter, Butter Fat, Butter OilCaseinCaseinatesCheese CurdsCustardGheeHalf & HalfLactalbumin, Lactalbumin PhosphateLactoferrinLactuloseMilkNougatPudding Rennet CaseinSour Cream, Sour Cream SolidsWheyYogurtMilk may be present in:Caramel CandiesChocolateFlavoringsHigh Protien FlourLactic Acid Starter CultureLactoseLuncheon MeatHot DogsSausagesFrench FriesMargarineNon-Dairy ProductsI have more lists llike this-if you would like–too much to post here.If you need more assistance or have more questions feel free to email me by clicking on my avatar then on ‘Email Noggin Mama’ Please make sure to include your email address in the message or I will not be able to respond to your questions as the yahoo! answers message system limits the length of the message I can send and usually the info I have will not fit in the message. HTH!
My 4 month old daughter has severe diaper rash problems please help?
Q: This has been going on since she was 2 months old. She breaks out in these horrible diaper rashes.. and her pediatrician has wrote us several different prescriptions and I have tried so many solutions that I have found and nothing really helps her enough. I am to the point where I am changing her diaper and putting cream on her like every 30 minutes. I do not know what else I can do and I feel so bad for her I know it hurts her. Any home methods or tips you may have please share them. thank you.
A: My son is prone to diaper rash and we have tried everything on the market. Some of the creams (like Desitin) seem to make it worse! The best one I have tried so far is one called Dr. Smith’s Diaper Ointment – it comes in a little jar and is a little expensive but worth it I think. I have only been able to find it a Walgreen’s, but someone else told me that they also sell it at Walmart. This ointment is the only one that seems to get rid of the rash overnight for my little one – I have taken to putting some on his bottom every night before bed, and he son hasn’t had a rash in quite awhile. Just a few other observations – make sure you are using non-scented/sensitive skin diaper wipes on your daughter, and try to stay away from generic diapers – I was using the generics with my son for awhile thinking I could save some money, and they seem to have aggrevated the diaper rash. You might also want to discuss with your doctor whether he/she thinks there is a possibility of sensitivity to her milk or formula. Good luck!
Mixture for severe diaper rash?
Q: my cousins son who is 1 and a half has a nasty habit of scratching himself in his private area very hard and constantly. it is severly red and looks raw (especially on the underside of his penis), and we can tell its very uncomfortable. i was trying to tell my cousin about a mixture of ingredients i heard about from someone else but all i remember was zinc oxide and hydrocortizone 1 % cream…and i forgot what else. do you know any good mixtures that include those products, or is there something else? i need ideas quick because the poor kid is so uncomfortable!
A: Most diaper rash cremes contain zinc oxide. Without consulting a doctor, I would not use anything other than diaper rash creme.Corn starch (powder) also works well.However, from your description it sounds as if it might be a yeast infection. He will need an Rx to clear that up.
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