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What does a aspirin mask do for your face? Does it work

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A aspirin mask is homemade remedy to acne and other skin problems, made out of aspirin and honey. A lot of people use it and review that it does work for them. Try it! ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-a-aspirin-mask-do-for-your-face%3F-does-it-work ]
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Does the aspirin mask work? Do toners change the color of your fa…?
I use the aspirin mask regularly and I think it’s a cheap way to get healthy skin. It makes the skin soft and less red/irritated. It’s worth a shot if you haven’t tried it. Toners do not change your skin tone, they even it out (gets rid of …
Will Tylenol work the same as Asprin in a face mask??
tylenol and aspirin are 2 different things, idk if it’ll work
Do aspirin face masks work?
Asoirin is a form of acid so it may work like a facial cleaner. It would probably be safer to buy a facial cleaner!

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burt’s bees beauty products?
Q: so i was doing some skin care research and this girl on youtube has some skin care tutorials on her xanga and there’s this aspirin face mask/cleanser and it asks for burt’s bees toner which led me to the burt’s bees website and all of the products they have. as you can see it’s an endless cycle. so anyway, i was curious about the quality of burt’s bees products. i use their lip balm which i love, but idk anything about their skin care products. i love all natural products, but i haven’t used that many and some people say they work really well and others say natural products don’t work. so are the burt’s bees beauty products worth it? should i buy some? i don’t want to waste what little money i have for something that won’t work. so i would like your opinions of the burt’s bees products specifically, not just natural products in general, please. any info you have would be greatly appreciated ;] <3 the website is www.burtsbees.com if you’d like to take a look
A: Ohhh were you on ricebunny xanga? I was just on there the other day and did an asprin face thing. I didn’t use burts bees, but i just did the asprin and honey. She has great tutorials! I have tried a few things by burts bees and they are good… especially if you want something very natural. I used a foot cream and lip balm. I’m sure their face stuff works well too, i just never used it yet.
Can I share something with you guys?
Q: I just thought I’d share this mask with you guys because it works great for me. I only do natural skincare for my face (with the exception of Godiva cream) so I’m constantly mixing up new treatments to use and this is my latest concoction. If you like egg white masks, you will looove this. Your skin will look awesome after rinsing this off and after a good night’s sleep, you will notice a difference in your overall skintone in the morning. Here’s what you need:1 tablespoon egg whites9 drops of lemon juice6-7 aspirinsHoneyBeat the egg white and lemon juice until they’re nicely combined. Crush the aspirin and add to egg whites. Beat again. Squirt a small amount of honey into the mixture (1/2-1 teaspoon is good). Beat again. Done.After cleansing, apply this evenly throughout your face. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes and then rinse off with cool water. Follow it up with your moisturizer if you use one.I suggest only doing this once or twice a week–if you do it more than that, your skin builds a tolerance to the egg and aspirin and it will become less effective.This mask helps makes pores invisible, evens out skin tone, makes skin soft, smooth and refreshed and gradually fades red marks if you have any.I hope you guys enjoy this mask.
A: Thank you very much, I am 12 and my skin is horrible
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