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What element is found in batteries

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Batteries contain the elements nickel and zinc. Any other questions? ChaCha away! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-element-is-found-in-batteries ]
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What elements are found in a battery?
– Zinc – Manganese dioxide – Ammonium Chloride – Carbon

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What element (off the periodic table) is found in cell phone batteries?
Q: Also- What element is commonly found in computer chips?- What’s the most common element found on “The Strip” in Vegas?
A: who’s ur science teacher? umm, its probably one of the metals. idk…google it.
What is the chemical symbol of the element found in antiseptic, coloured light signs, watch batteries& magnets
A: The element is Mercury. The symbol is Hg. Good luck
What common items can you find the element Cadmium in ?
Q: Need a little help with a chemisty project, just curious to what common items is cadmium needed, a few I found already are batteries ? and Cadmium smell inscents. thanks
A: Cadmium can be found in the following (whether intentional or not): Colors & pigments (including food coloring – especially red, orange and yellow)Metallic coatings of fixtures and accessoriesPlastics (PVC)CigarettesMeat (especially liver and kidneys)Ni-Cd batteriesFertilizersSilver solder in electronics Good luck,Ron Novikwww.home-health-chemistry.com
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