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What foods help increase a mans testosterone levels

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Foods to increase testosterone: Zinc- the best source of dietary zinc is meat. The best meat choice is the white meat of chicken. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-foods-help-increase-a-mans-testosterone-levels ]
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What foods help increase a mans testosterone levels
Foods to increase testosterone: Zinc- the best source of dietary zinc is meat. The best meat choice is the white meat of chicken.
Are there natural foods or supplements to help increase testoster…?
Testosterone imbalance has to be corrected before taking supplements or food contaning testosterone. If the needle of a weighing machine is erroneous at Zero point, any number of weight you keep on it will give you only a wrong reading. You…
What activities or food help increase levels of testosterone??
Red Meat?? I dont think so, beleive it or not eating bad foods! If you eat bad foods it highers your cholesterol and higher cholesterol = higher testosterone levels.

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Would this benefit my future daughter or son? On food choices.?
Q: This is the strangest question…When I grow older and have a daughter… is it bad to feed her nothing but foods that don’t help her grow physically? Is it abuse?I have this weird thinking that if you feed your daughter hormonal products like dairy, protein, carbohydrates… they grow up to be super tall and have less estrogen thus creating guy like features on their face. Estrogen products are plentiful in soy. Is it wrong to feed your daughter estrogen supplements at young age?I want my daughter to be short and cute AND pretty so she has a chance of marrying a good guy. I mean this may sound pretty cruel but I understand that this is reality. I feel tall or average girls harder to find men. (observation)When I was younger my mother used to do this to me all the time.. feed me cheese and milk and now I am 5’4. I know it isn’t tall but to be it is tall for an Asian person. I didn’t like what she did and wished she could just feed me vegetables and chicken. She believed in scarcity mentality and overfed me. I used to be 5’2 and is it possible I will shrink when I am 27?For my son I’m going to make him drink plenty of milk and beef so he will grow strong and tall. It will also increase testosterone levels during puberty. Testosterone increases physical shape of the face for males (taller nose, masculine voice, sculptured jaw)Is growing up based on nutrition or genetic or by what kinds of foods you feed your child?The more nutrition you feed your child the taller they get?It may be bad during childhood but I believe it will all payoff when the child gets older.I don’t have children =.= I just need opinions LoL what do you think of this theoryI think I would be a very strange mother LOL
A: No, it would not be beneficial. First of all, if you’re looking for products that are free of artificially produced hormones, just buy organic. Second of all, height and facial structure and hormone levels are primarily determined by genetics, not by diet. Facial structure, ie, the ‘cute AND pretty’, part, is determined more by bone structure than by estrogen levels or anything else. The one exception is that very poor diet can stunt growth, but this won’t result in a girl looking ‘cute’, just malnourished like an African refugee child or something, and being very unhealthy and sick so she’ll likely have more trouble finding a guy due to all her health problems than she would have trouble finding a guy if you just fed her healthy and let her grow to a natural height. Then, there’s the thing that body ideals change. In the Victorian era being busty and round was fashionable, but by the 1920’s, skinny was considered ‘pretty’, but by the time all the girls who were born then grew up, skinny wasn’t so pretty, because ‘curvy’ women like Marilyn Monroe were in vogue, then 10 or 20 years later, Twiggy brought ‘skinny’ back, and now Tyra is moving things in the ‘curvy’ direction again… In other words, what men find attractive today, could very well be considered unattractive by the time your daughter grows up and then you’d be the one responsible for causing your daughter to be so ‘unattractive’. And, last but not least, that’ll foster unhealthy body images in your kids, and probably result in your daughter having an eating disorder and your son abusing bodybuilding supplements. Them being confident and happy about themselves will be far more attractive to the opposite gender than being cute or handsome and constantly worrying about whether they’re short enough or muscular enough.
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