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What is 14 carat gold

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14 carat gold is made up of Gold – 58.5, silver – 4, copper – 31.2, and zinc – 6.3. Thank you for asking Claus. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-14-carat-gold ]
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it is 14 parts gold, 10 parts copper it is givien as a ratio adding up to 24 hence why 24-carat gold is pure gold and you can’t get more than that
14 carat gold is usually best as it is gold that has been specifically alloyed or mixed with other harder metals such as silver and platinum.
Pure gold is too soft to work with very well. It loses its shape and is susceptible to damage. So gold is routinely mixed with other base metals (mostly silver and copper). The relative proportions of silver and copper influence the final c…

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what is my 14 carat gold necklace worth?
Q: I don’t how much is weighs its kinda small(looks like 13-14 inches in length.Yesterday i sold 2 14 carat rings for 150 for both..honestly i thought i would get lower. I just want a estimate of how much i could get for it.
A: It all depends on the quality of it. Its best to go to an appraiser around where you live to see how much it costs before taking a risk. You could get a really good offer or someone could offer really low and you wouldn’t know.
Am buying necklace for a friend: what is the difference between 9 carat and 14 carat gold?
Q: Help! I never wear gold and don’t know anything about it; would 9 carat look the same as 14 carat???Thanks!CARL GEE – if I knew the answer, I wouldn’t waste time asking!!!Thanks all 🙂
A: The higher the carat the purer the gold. The purer the gold, the higher the price. The lower the carat, the more nickel content. Gold needs to be fortified with nickel due to the fact that it is a soft metal.
what is a 14 carat gold necklace worth?
Q: I dont how much is weighs its kinda small(looks like 13-14 inches in length.I just want a estimate of how much i could get for it.
A: It matters where its from.Jcp= 350$-ishWalmart=3 bucks.
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