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What is a bump on the skin with a hole in it called

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It could be a skin lesion called a pore of weiner which is nothing more than a large “black head” as in acne. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-bump-on-the-skin-with-a-hole-in-it-called ]
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What is a bump on the skin with a hole in it called
It could be a skin lesion called a pore of weiner which is nothing more than a large “black head” as in acne.

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I have this bump near my nose piercing I dont know what it is ?
Q: So I got my nose pierced a couple weeks ago maybe 3 weeks ago, everything went well they gave me my medicine to clean it and a cute little silver stud in my button nose, well I cleaned it , everything was fine and I just thought it was so special. I would say the next week, maybe eleven days after getting it pierced or more…. I was sleeping in till five pm woke up to wash my face and noticed there was no little shine or shimmer in the mirror I freaked my stud was gone! It came out while I was sleeping it must have got hooked on my blanket, I don’t know how long it was out, my sister not a pro but has many piercing helped me find it tried helping me shove it back in which irritated the skin, and hurt like hell after awhile she called a friend and her friend Mandy brought over some studs she owned to give me and I got one of hers studs back in not my original one that I was suppose to keep in during the 6 months of healing. Well ever since then I noticed a lot of crust and some puss, I cleaned it I do touch it a lot, well this morning I woke up and on the inside of my nose/nostril near the hole and back of the piercing there is a bump that looks like a white head but the head is filled with dark blood, and perfectly circled it looks like it is going to burst at the surface! So should I pop it? Leave the bump alone? Call the piercing place? or take the stud out and get it re pierced when I am older? I am 16! I don’t want to take it out! But I don’t want a infection, I have low pain tolerance, What is the bump? Do you know what the bump is and what I should do?
A: it is probably an infection, I would call the piercing place and ask them what to do. Other then that keep it clean, you may have to get it re-pierced someday instead but check with the piercing place first!
can herpes appear as a sore set into the skin, not on it?
Q: I keep getting mixed answers when I try to google the question. It seems some people say YES herpes of the genitals can appear as a crater and then I see a lot that says herpes is on the surface on an inflamed base. I am just curious what a sore whether it be caused by strain 1 or 2 on the genitals would look like. I have had a bump appear in the exact same spot 2 times (7 months prior to this new one). I didnt even see the bump, I had shaved about 2 days prior and had a little stubble coming back in… I went to the restroom. I wiped and as I wiped I felt the bump almost on my pubic bone area, in the peak on the inner labia where the vaginal lips part (think an upside down V where the point is), it felt about pea sized at first and it was really hard to see at first, so it made me think it was beneath the skin. after playing inspector gadget and pulling on the skin the area did get redder and the bump was slightly larger. I was dumb and googled ingrown hairs and saw a lot of people attempt to pop the bump, so i was dumb (which i greatly emphasize) and squeezed it after a shower. When I did that a clearish to yellow oily liquid came out, very small amount, no blood, bo pus. After that it seemed to cause a break in the bump in multiple spots, it then did turn into what resembled either herpes or possible folliculitis. I looked both pics up and they look very similar. After that it did appear to have a whitish cover, similar to vesicles, those went away and I wouldnt say they erupted, there was no ooze and yes it looked wet but like any open wound it will have a wet look to it. (when i was younger i fell and ripped part of the skin off my palm, it too had a wet look to it) When I look up herpes photos the outbreaks appear to be above skin level , this bump did not, it appeared to be more like a hole in the skin and now as it heals, the raw area seems to be coming up to skin level. This is maybe 1-2mm. There has been no crusting or real oozing. The only real discomfort I have is when I initially sit down like the skin is being pulled in the wrong way or a ripping feeling is the best way to describe it. No burning, not even during urination . This is all very disturbing to me because I did have a culture done on the previous bump, they actually popped or broke the cover and got a large sample of fluid, the result was negative. The nurse said it did not look like a typical outbreak and that the sample was adequate. I was so happy and now I am scared all over again. When the first bump appeared i had not been sexually active for over 3 months and it too was after I had shaved and had a little regrowth coming in( this area never really feels smooth as I would like after shaving so it is fair to say I usually give it a coupld extra brushes with the razor than other areas), it was the same spot and only one bump. I really doubt it was from my former long term boyfriend that I had split from prior to the first bump, the only other intercourse I had if you can call it that was about 1 year before the first bump and I was not a willing participant. I had someone rape me while I was passed out at a party (I have since quit drinking) Any thoughts on this?
A: The first answer is right. Herpes always forms in groups. You would have at least 3 or more tiny bumps that would be VERY itchy. After a couple days the bumps open on their own into little sores. When urine comes in contact with them , it burns. They do (to me) look like little craters. They heal on their own after a few days.
I seem to have developed a HOLE in the center of my navel piercing. Wtf is going on?
Q: I got my navel pierced in March with a curved barbell, so I have had it for about 4 months now. It has healed fine. Sometimes it has been a little weepy but not any more than what is considered normal for a new piercing. I cleaned it everyday with an antibacterial sea-salt spray stuff the piercer recommended (H2Ocean) as well as antibacterial soap in the shower.However, there has been a turn of events. A few days ago the center (between the two holes) got red and irritated looking, but it didn’t hurt and it wasn’t leaking anything so I just cleaned it like normal and ignored it, figuring it got caught while I was sleeping or some such thing. It stayed like that for a few days.Suddenly, while cleaning it, it burst. It was apparently a lump under my skin filled with blood and pus, ended up looking like a pink-yellow blob. After finishing cleaning it up it looked like a hole dead center of the two piercing holes. After finally getting brave and investigating…yes, it goes straight down to my piercing. It does NOT hurt, in fact I can’t feel it when I clean it at all. I notice it a lot when I bump it but otherwise I can’t even tell it’s there.I know I need to see my piercer and I plan on it, but I have never even heard of this happening before. I have heard of abcesses, boils, kenoids (or whatever they are called) etc etc but I haven’t ever heard of a centralized hole forming. 🙁 Does anyone know what might have caused this or if it has happened to anyone else?The pus was a solid yellow color with pink from the blood. After the pus cleared it continued to bleed a little until it scabbed over…
A: that is REALLY weird. I have never heard of that before.. ever. The only thing I can think of is that, that pus and blood filled sack never healed and basically just ate the skin away straight through… maybe it was a reaction to the metal of the bar… what color was the pus when it came out? is it an infection?Maybe that was a really odd infection that never came to the surface, rather it formed inside and got trapped… that’s very very very strange. I definitely think you should take it out and let it heal entirely and get it repierced in the future.
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