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What is a cute Latin name for a girl

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Cute Latin girls names include: Accalia, Acidalia, Acnes, Adabel, Adabelle, Adah, Adailia, Adalee, Adalia. Can’t text? Call 1-800-2ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-cute-latin-name-for-a-girl ]
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What are some cute girl Latin names?
My husband is Spanish, so I’m always looking at Spanish names, as well! I LOVE the following two names: Adelaide Alejandra (Knew a girl named Alejandra, and would love to name a daughter Alexandra!)
Who thinks that latin girls are cute?
i do especially if they have big bootys
Why are Latin girls 99.99999 % CUTE!
cus they have curves not to dark not to light im a bad image for latinas cus im skinny im central american( honduran) with french and spanish people thnk im mmexican lol anyway yea and they have full nice hair but i seen some girls that don…

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Which name, Evangeline or Addie May?
Q: I’m not pregnant yet but I wanted to know if Evangeline was a good name. Evangeline would be the full name and for a nick name it would be Evan. Addie May is what my name is in pig latin. (Madeline) I think Addie May is such a cute name for a girl.Thank you for your answers.And If i ever have twins i will nam e them addie may and hattie may
A: I hate to play the devils advocate but remember that your daughter would have to have this name all through life so remind yourself whether you might be limiting her options in life. Addie may might be cute for a little girl but would you want an addie may in congress or doing open heart surgery? Its a shame that we have preconceived ideas about what names say about a person but we do.Evangeline is a lovely name though. I dont really care for addie or hattie though. Thats just my opinion.
I like unique baby names. I cant decide which… Help?
Q: Girls namesHadley Alexandra with the middle name Raine – German: One who gives adviceTeaganDanikaAinsleighElysia – Latin: Blissful. Nevah (Heaven backward, pronounced Nuh Vay UH)And my fiance wants to name it Adrian James if its a boy.Adrian is his dads middle name and james is old friend.Also, is there a way to combine the names Audrey and Emily into a cute middle name? (Two family members, and i would like to use their name)What is your favorite out of these?Thank you for your help =)Had lee is how u pronouce HadleyI would also apprecate more ideas. Thanks!!!!
A: Of these, Alexandra and Nevah/Nevaeh are absolutley NOT unique. Nevaeh is top fifty, and the trendiest name ever. It’s hit top fifty after never being in the top thousand in six years. Alexandra and all its cousins (Alexandria, Alexa, Alexis, Alexia) have been in the top hundred since the 80’s.Of the actually unique ones, Elysia is confusing looking and a bit fussy. It has a nice meaning, but it would make a better middle name.Teagan is really cute, but it sounds like a boy’s name to me. I like Danica, but with a C instead of a K. Oddly enough, I like Annika more than Annica. Ainsleigh looks awkward and sounds a bit flimsy. While I don’t love Hadley, it’s kind of cute.So, for your girl choices, I would pick Danica or Hadley.I really like Adrian Jame. It’s a great family name, and sounds cute but distinguished.For the middle name combining Audrey and Emily, I wouldn’t do it. I would choose one or the other and stick with it. Combined middle names are silly.
torn between old and new love?
Q: i know it is long .. please be patient cause I NEED HELPPPPPPPPPPPPI am 27 yrs old from egypt. Remark ” In Egypt: for adult people it is not accepted by society mentality to have a relation without names : ” fiancy; marriage” .. If you ask a girl to go to date without the intention to make a real relation ; she will think that you are a playboy”My storyMore than one year ago (21 jan 2008), I “saw” the girl of my dreams “I was obsessed by her beauty her “latin skin she was truly more beautiful than SALMA HAYEK my dream woman.I was obsessed by her sound, the look of her eyes, her moves hair etc I LOVED HER FOR 3 WEEKS BEFORE KNOWING HER NAME (she was working in the same big company but in other department) THE SAME THING WHEN YOU LOVE A SUPERSTAR AND BE OBSESSED BY HER. ” SEXUAL ATTRACTION”Anyway I appraoched to her and proposed to her after one week . and she accepted me and she was happy. but during 2 months 2gether she discovered before me that we think differently ( i am romantic / she is not… I forgive / she is not… i can dream / she is realistic .. I think by my heart she thinks by her head) she was right and me also i was n’t really happy with her but I always tell her that we can change to make it work but every time she tells me there is NO CHEMISTRY . she were right, I DID NOT LIKE HER PERSONAITY. but I always insisted to continue.After 2 monthes she took her decision to leave me saying that i am not adult enough to understand : she said : no chemistry and I don t love u.’ I tried hardly every day during 5 monthes BY THE HELP OF HER FAMILY to just talk to her BUT she treated me so bad SHE ANSWERS ONE CALL ON 100 and everytime I CRY EVEN WHEN SHE INSULTED ME. TO FORGET HER once I INSULTED HER NOT FOR REVENGE BUT TO LOOSE THE HELP OF HER FAMILY (last hope) AND TO BE SURE that I WILL NEVER SEE HER AGAIN….AND I DECIDED TO GO OVER ITJust after one month, I started to talk to a nice girl and i really loved her and we are engaged now … she is beautiful ,perfect body, very kind, romantic , she loves me a lot. we have chemistry she makes a lot for me THE ONLY PROBLEM IS THAT SHE IS BLONDE NOT LATIN LIKE MY DREAM GIRL, AND I DONT FEEL THE SAME SEXUAL ATTRACTION NOT THE VOICE THE LOOK etc.SHE IS CUTE BUT NOT SO SEXY LIKE THE OLD ONE( like the difference between drew barrymore and angelina jolie… u understand what i mean I spent 3 magical monthes with her and i forgot the old one.But from 2 weeks I started to think again about old love wishing I turn back time one year to find someway to WIN the heart of my old love.My question:Is this a sign that i don’t love my fiancy? DID I took her as a replacement? I wanna have the soul of my fiancy with the face and latin skin colour of the old? remember I will spend with her all my life.Shall I leave her and search for the “””MIX “”” but I am afraid I regret this all my life….OR AM I STUPID?????????? . I AM NOT THINKING BIG OR WHAT????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHALL I CONTINUE OR NOTMOST IMPORTANT IS THAT I DON,T WANNA HURT MY NEW GIRL IN BOTH SITUATONS……
A: you do not love anyone but yourself, you are being selfish!you are needy and act like a little kid in a candy storeyou are not stupid at all, just a bit confusedyou should not be tied down to any ONE person, just date
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