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What is a free bleeder

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A:A free bleeder is someone with hemophilia. It’s a disease where blood doesn’t clot so something as small as a paper cut could require a hospital visit. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-free-bleeder ]
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What is a free bleeder?
it is a diesese called HEMOPHILIA
How do i bleed the cooling system and free it from air??
It sounds like a block in the radiator. I would remove radiator and flush it out and then get it pressure tested. This is why I think your lid shot off. Once you replace the radiator fill with anti freeze and run the engine as it warms up…
How to Do a Bleed Free Brake Job
・ 1 Loosen all lug nuts on tire you are doing disc brake replacement on using a 4-way. ・ 2 Using floor jack, lift vehicle just enough to raise tire off ground. ・ 3 Spin all lug nuts off wheel and remove wheel. Place lug nuts in a bowl or so…

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What causes low blood pressure and low heart beat?
Q: Everytime I give blood the nurse testing my blood pressure calls for the RN to recheck me. Then she asks me questions like if I’m a marathon runner or if I’m very athletic. I’m also a free bleeder and bleed alot from even small wounds.From what I pick up from the nurses it’s a good thing but I’m just curious about it.My blood pressure is like 100/60 and my heart beats around 45bpm at rest, I would think this would help live a long life because my heart doesn’t work very hard.I’ve taking probably 10 polygraph tests also and they have a hard time just registering a heart beat sometimes because I relax so much while taking them, they’ll stop in the middle of it and ask if I’m still alive.Thanks for your answers 🙂
A: The second figure (60 in your case) indicates the pressure left in your veins after the heart beats. If this is low, then less pressure is being exerted overall on your circulatory system, so that’s a good thing. The first number (100) shows what pressure the heart is exerting when it beats – if you have coronary or other circulatory problems, the veins and arteries might be partially blocked, in which case, the heart has to work much harder to get the blood to flow through your body, and the pressure exerted can be high enough to rupture or damage blood vessels. This is the danger of high blood pressure.I’m not sure why they are particularly surprised at your blood pressure. I’m a healthy man in my 50’s and my blood pressure has been 110/70, or occasionally 120/80 for the last 30 years.Marathon runners/athletes train hard and both increase the power of their heart, and reduce the resistance to blood flow in the body, so their blood pressure might be even lower than yours.In general, if you are in good health, and take regular exercise, your at-rest pulse should be around 60-70 bpm. Your at rest pulse is indeed more like that of a very healthy athlete – you are lucky!They should be happy that your heart is in good condition and your blood pressure is well within the normal range.
What could cause a bleed like this?
Q: I have had this little tiny red raised place on my face above my chin. Nothing to it. Just a little tiny red raised bump. Well, today, I took a needle and just pricked over it and I have never bleed so badly in my live. Enough to fill up two wash rags. I was ready to go to the ER when finally it stopped. I am not a free bleeder at all. What on earth would this be?
A: maybe it was filled with blood and that caused it to bleed really bad cause before my sis closed the car door on my arm and there was red and bumpy i asked my mom and she said that it was my blood coming up but it might not be the same thing but mine was bumpy and red cause of the blood comin up so somtimes it might happen just because o and blood came out like a hole lot cause i cut my self right on the same spot were my sis closed the door i cut it on the swing set wen i was playin wen i was little
Does anyone know about …..?
Q: My husband just had his seventh tattoo but it has been a while since the others so, he forgot how to care for one. What do u suppose to do after u first get one? He is also a free bleeder but didn’t bleed to bad on it.
A: ok i do tatt i am gonna cut and paste what i give outTattoo care instructionsAfter 2 hours, remove the bandage. (Tattoo should only bleed for an hour or two at the most.)Clean tattoo gently with mild soap and water. Be sure to remove any dried blood. Blot dry gently.Apply a thin layer of Bacitracin ointment. Apply ointment 3 or 4 times a day for the first 3 full days. Remember to apply only a thin layer, because too much will actually slow down the healing process and may even draw out some color. (If you are having a reaction to the Bacitracin……Use A&D ointment or Preparation ‘H’ instead.There is no need to re-bandage the tattoo. It is best if air can get to the tattoo to speed healing. However, if you feel the need to re-bandage it, only do so for the period of time necessary. (Such as, for working or sleeping.) Allow the tattoo to breath open air as much as possible, but at the same time keep it moist with the ointment. Don’t allow it to dry out. (re-apply ointment as needed)During the healing process, the tattoo should not be allowed to soak in any kind of water for a period of time. (Water is the worst thing for a healing tattoo.) No swimming or soaking in a hot tub. If you shower, be careful to keep it as dry as possible until you can carefully dab it dry as soon as you can.During the healing process, do not allow the tattoo to come in contact with the sun for any periods of time. ( a sun burnt tattoo is painful and can cause infection.) “Sun will fade the paint on your car!”….It will also fade your tattoo.After 3 days of ointment on the tattoo, it should be peeling sort of like a sunburn. At this time a good Vitamin ‘E’ or Vitamin ‘E’ based lotion is best for the final healing process.The tattoo should be finished healing in one to two weeks, if you take care of it properly. Take the extra time to do it right. After all, it’s only a couple of weeks. The tattoo will be with you the rest of your life.It is also a good idea to use sun block on your tattoo after it is healed, when you are exposed to the sun for a long period of time. You’ve spent the time and money on a nice tattoo……….Why ruin it quickly by exposing it to the sun?”The way you take care of your new tattoo…….determines how it will turn out.”
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