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What is a genetic disorder caused by gene abnormalities

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A:There are more than 6,000 known single-gene disorders. These occur in 1 out of 200 births. Some of these genetic disorders include celiac disease, Down syndrome, hemophilia, & sickle-cell disease. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-genetic-disorder-caused-by-gene-abnormalities ]
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What is the difference between a genetic disorder and a chromosom…?
Chromosomal abnormality is a broader term, describing duplications, loss, gain etc, of a particular chromosome. More related to the structures in an ideogram. Genetic disorder is a much broader term that describes any chromosomal or genetic…
What genetic disorder results in protein abnormalities??
All genetic disorders affect the structure of proteins.
Are genetic defects associated with abnormalities of autosomes or…?
It can be both. Sickle cell disease, cystic fibrosis, and Huntington’s chorea are all autosomal genetic diseases; certain kinds of hemophilia or colorblindness are “bad” alleles on the X chromosome. If you’re thinking of chromosom…

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1. Which of the following describes an organism that has the genotype Bb? (1 point)?
Q: 1. Which of the following describes an organism that has the genotype Bb? (1 point)homozygousheterozygousinbreedall of the above2. Pollination can best be described as _____. (1 point)the fusing of the egg nucleus with the pollen nucleusthe transfer of the male pollen grain to the female organthe formation of male and female sex cellsthe type of cell division that produces diploid gametes3. A female guinea pig homozygous dominant for black fur color is mated with a male homozygous for white fur color. In a litter of eight offspring, there would probably be _____. (1 point)8 black guinea pigs4 black and 4 white guinea pigs2 black, 4 gray, and 2 white guinea pigs8 white guinea pigs4. A white mouse whose parents are both white produces only brown offspring when mated with a brown mouse. The white mouse is most probably _____. (1 point)homozygous recessiveheterozygoushomozygous dominanthaploidUse Figure 10-5 to answer questions 5–7.5. According to Figure 10-5, the constricted pod shape is _____. (1 point)dominantrecessivesegregatedhybrid6. What is the genotype of generation 1 in Figure 10-5? (1 point)IIIiiiI7. What is the phenotype of generation 1 in Figure 10-5? (1 point)IIIiinflatedconstricted8. The chromosome abnormality that occurs when part of one chromosome breaks off and is added to a different chromosome is ________. (1 point)deletionnondisjunctiontranslocationinversion9. Which series is arranged in order from largest to smallest in size? (1 point)chromosome, nucleus, cell, DNA, nucleotidecell, nucleus, chromosome, DNA, nucleotidenucleotide, chromosome, cell, DNA, nucleuscell, nucleotide, nucleus, DNA, chromosome10. X-rays, ultraviolet light, and radioactive substances that can change the chemical nature of DNA are classified as ______. (1 point)growth regulatorsmetamorphic moleculeshydrolytic enzymesmutagensUse Figure 11-1 to answer questions 11–12.11. In which part of the cell does this process shown in Figure 11-1 take place? (1 point)in the nucleusin the food vacuolesat the ribosomeson the chromosome12. The process illustrated in Figure 11-1 is called _______. (1 point)translationreplicationmonoploidytranscription13. Sickle-cell anemia is a genetic disease common to human populations from Africa and the Mediterranean coast. The incidence is greater in these regions than elsewhere because the heterozygous state provides protection against malaria. Individuals afflicted with sickle-cell anemia (1 point)are two times more likely to be males than to be females.will not exhibit the symptoms of the disease until around age 40.suffer tissue damage resulting from oxygen deprivation.lack an enzyme that breaks down a lipid produced in the central nervous system.14. A human genetic disorder caused by a dominant gene is _____. (1 point)Tay-Sachs diseasecystic fibrosisphenylketonuriaHuntington’s disease15. Most human genetic disorders are caused by the expression of _____. (1 point)recessive allelestwo dominant allelesone dominant allelesex-linked heredityNote: Your teacher will grade your responses to questions 16–19 to ensure you receive proper credit for your answers.16. The gene for color blindness in humans is found on the X chromosome. A boy has a color-blind father. Will the boy be color-blind? Explain. (2 points)17. How does polygenic inheritance differ from Mendelian inheritance? (2 points)18. In guinea pigs, the allele for rough coat (R) is dominant to the allele for smooth coat (r), and the allele for black fur (B) is dominant to the allele for white fur (b). If two guinea pigs that are heterozygous for rough, black fur (RrBb) are mated, what are the possible phenotypes and what is the frequency of each? Work out your answer using a Punnett square like the one in Figure 10-4. Figure 10-4 (4 points)19. Describe the process of replication. (4 points)
A: 1. Heterozygous (two different genes for the same trait) 2. the transfer of the male pollen grain to the female organ 3. 8 black guinea pigs (Black is dominant; white recessive; all offspring are Bb) 4. homozygous recessive 5. figure 10-5 unavailable 6. figure 10-5 unavailable 7. figure 10-5 unavailable 8. Translocation 9. cell, nucleus, chromosome, DNA, nucleotide10. mutagens11. figure 11-1 unavailable12. figure 11-1 unavailable13. suffer tissue damage resulting from oxygen deprivation.14. Huntington’s disease15. recessive alleles16. No. Boys inherit the Y chromosome of their father; the X chromosome of their mother.17. Traits such as height, shape & weight are determined by the cumulative effect of many genes. Mendelian inheritance described traits that are determined by one gene.18. 9/16 Rough Fur & Black Coat; 3/16 Rough Fur & White Coat; 3/16 Smooth Fur & Black Coat; 1/16 Smooth Fur & White coat. Draw diagram with RB Rb rB rb across top and down left side. 4 x 4 is where you get the 16 possibilities.
what level is marfan syndrome?!?
Q: i’m doing a science project on genetic disorders. my disorder is Marfan syndrome. does anyone know what level it is? well jsut tell me this please: is marfan syndrome a result of a chromosomal abnormality or is it caused by a defective gene?THANK YOU! (:
A: It is caused by a defect in the gene. The problem is in the structure of fibrillin (protein). I once heard it explained where it should say Sam ate eggs but would come out Sama tee ggs, etc where the words or letters got mixed up. This is why there is variable presence and symptoms in people. Not everyone is tall & skinny. Most have aortic problems but not all. Some have problems at birth, as child and some not diagnosed until their children have been or have even died.Good luck on the project! There are many good support groups online that will give you help/answers besides NMF’s website marfan.org or the many, many other country or world associations.
i need an ending sentence to my conclusion on a genetic disorder, what should it be?
Q: Arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia is a genetic disorder that causes the muscles in the right ventricular to turn to fat. It is a rare form of cariomyopathy causing irrefular heart beats and quite possibly cardiac arrest. ARVD was discovered in the late 1970’s in France. Some symptoms are having shortness of breath, swollen legs, ankles and feet, being incapable of doing regular activities without getting tired or heart failure. ARVD is usually inherited from one parent but it is possible to get mthe mutated gene by congenital abnormalities.and now i need the perfect ending sentence to my report! please help!!!
A: http://www.aafp.org/afp/20060415/1391.html
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