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What is a good home remedy for a bump under the skin

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If you’re referring to acne (pimples), use lavender compresses to relieve inflammation.Include carrots and cucumbers in your diet. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-good-home-remedy-for-a-bump-under-the-skin ]
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What is a good home remedy for a bump under the skin
If you’re referring to acne (pimples), use lavender compresses to relieve inflammation.Include carrots and cucumbers in your diet.

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what to do about dog skin problems,please serious answers only?
Q: i adopted (Daisy) a little winnie dog monday,i took her to the vet for a check up tuesday to make sure she was healthy,update her shots,and get started on heart worm prevention and to schedule a appt. to be spayed,all is good,but i didn’t notice till yesterday she has little bumps under her front legs where our arm pits would be,kinda like pimples but not really,any way,i called the vet back and she said that Daisy was just allergic to something either fleas,the shampoo they’d been using or something she had been around and assured me it was nothing more than that,well i bought some medicated shampoo and shampoo with aloe,and oatmeal,along with a flea collar and advantage,i don’t have fleas in my house,i have hardwood floors through out my house and we treat our yard monthly to prevent fleas and ticks,cause we have several dogs,she’s been bathed and treated and she still seems uncomfortable and scratches,what else can i do,i feel so sorry for her and her legs aint big enough to scratch much,i don’t care if i can treat it with something like a home remedy or if i have to go buy something or what it cost,just tell me what i can get and where,thank you to all that answer
A: Try Malaseb Shampoo for dogs.http://www.amazon.com/Malaseb-Shampoo-12oz/dp/B00061MP5G/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top
What is bothering my dog? Skin problem?
Q: I have an approx. 5yr old foxhound (shelter pup) that has recently developed a skin condition. It started with itching at the base of her tail which turned into a sore and resulted in hairloss from base of tail to about 3in up her back. The sore is now gone and the hair is growing back but now she has several itchy bumps from under her armpits, on her belly and down to the rectal area. They are pinkish peaks with a crusty center and if she hasn’t managed to scratch one it has yellow scales around it. I’m looking for a home remedy to try. I know taking her to the vet is the absolute best option but that isn’t possible at this time. She doesn’t have fleas (but she did for a bit about a month ago) would it be bad to bathe her in soothing aloe and oatmeal shampoo and SHAVE the area and then apply witch hazel or antibacterial cream? That’s what I’m thinking of trying. I just want her to feel better but I can’t afford the vet… Please help me help her.
A: She may have something worse than fleas, such as scabies (known as mange in dogs and domestic animals). Scabies are mites that burrow and reproduce under the skin, crawling all over. This requires medical treatment such as a certain shampoo, and the vet might sell this to you or you might be able to find it in a pet store. If that doesn’t work, it’s something else.Warning: Scabies can move from animals to people.
Tips on lifestyle changes for fawn doberman with skin conditions?
Q: I have a fawn doberman with the typical skin conditions they usually come with. We have it under control in the sense that she doesn’t get breakouts often and has no more bald patches, but she still has small bumps and her fur is extremely course and wirey. I know she’s not suffering but I wish we could make her quality of life a bit better. People never want to pet her because she’s so course, I feel so bad for her. We give her daily fish oil pills and keep her prescription cream handy when it looks like it’s acting up. I’ve heard of dobie owners using special diets and home remedies to give them softer fur and minimizing the skin breakouts but I have no idea what they are. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting a better handle on this?
A: Check out the doberman-related groups on Yahoo Groups. I’m sure there is one specifically for fawn dobes. There you should find plenty of people with firsthand experience in dealing with fawn dobies who have skin/coat issues. I can add, however, that you might try feeding her Innova Evo or a similar superior quality, grain-free food. Innova improved the condition of my red dobe’s coat/skin dramatically within a few weeks. Good luck!
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