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What is a mineral found in the bone

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The Minerals are: calcium, potassium, manganese, magnesium, silica, iron, zinc, selenium, boron, phosphorus, sulfur & chromium. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-mineral-found-in-the-bone ]
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What is the mineral found in bone?
What are the minerals found in bones
The minerals that cause our bones to be hard are calboro, posporo, sodoku and other minerals including puto bingka. ChaCha
Where Can I Find Information On Bone Mineral Density Test?
About 20 – 30% of Caucasian women in the U.S. can expect to be affected by osteoporosis, including having a spinal fracture, after age 60. Hispanic, Asian, and Native American women have an even higher risk. Nearly all of them are unaware o…

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Bone/muscle help please?
Q: I have several questions to ask for homework. The questions are:What occurs when a bone is forced out of its joint?What kind of tissue can contract?What minerals are found in bones?What is flexable that make up our nose and ears?What hold bones together?(9 letter word!)What attach bones to muscles?What is a break in a bone?What type of joint that is found in the base of the thumb?(6 letter word!)What occurs when ligaments or tendons are pulled beyond their normal range?(6 letter word)Thats all. Please answer at least one of the questions!
A: 1. dislocation2. muscle3. calcium4. cartilage5. ?6. ligaments7.?8. sprain
What 2 nutrients are found in the best bone building?
Q: (hint:one is vitaminD and the other is a mineral) =) willing to give 10 points!Sorry but i already know it vitami n D but il give the point to you
A: The two nutrients found in bone-building foods are calcium and phosphorus.Foods that give these are milk,eggs etc.
Which of the following is NOT a function of fat?
Q: . Which of the following is NOT a function of fat? protection of organs insulation of the body quick source of energy production of the sex hormones 2. Which of the following nutrients provides the first source of energy for humans? proteins carbohydrates vitamins minerals3. Which of the following nutrients helps to build muscle, transports oxygen and carbon dioxide, forms hormones, and antibodies? lipids proteins minerals carbohydrates4. What statement best describes the typical American diet? It contains too little protein. It contains too little fat. It contains too many fruits and vegetables. It contains too much sugar.5. If a person is experiencing constipation, what carbohydrate should they increase in their diet? glucose lactose cellulose glycogen6. Which statement best describes minerals and their function? Minerals are found only in the bones and teeth. Minerals are organic compounds used in energy production. Minerals provide energy when carbohydrates are not available. Minerals are elements which help to build cells and repair body tissues.7. When an oil is changed to a solid, trans fat, like in the production of some margarines, what is the process called? hydrogenation synthesis assimilation integration8. Which carbohydrate is known as blood sugar and is needed by all body cells to produce energy? glucose sucrose glycogen starch9. How many calories are provided by a salad dressing containing 23 fat grams? 61 92 207 25510. What type of fat simulates the liver to produce more cholesterol which can lead to the depositing of cholesterol in the blood vessels? unsaturated fat saturated fat phospholipids lipoprotein11. Which medical condition is not related to one’s nutrition? diabetes mellitus obesity atherosclerosis bronchitis12. What current factor influences American health habits in a negative way? more offerings of chicken and fish in restaurants as alternatives to beef a hurried lifestyle leading to many meals eaten away from home the emphasis of increasing fruits and vegetables in the diet more available information on the nutritional content of foods13. Suzie consumes 2,700 calories every day but requires only 2,300 calories to meet her energy needs. Over time, Suzie’s calorie consumption may lead to what disorder? obesity anorexia nervosa bulimia fitness14. What form of fat is carried in the blood by lipoproteins? amino acids cellulose triglycerides phospholipids15. Why must all essential amino acids be present in the body at the same time for growth and repair to take place? It takes the body too long to make the essential amino acids. Proteins cannot be made by the body if they are absent. Too much energy will be used up to make them. The body will have to start breaking down fat to make them.16. What mineral is needed for healthy bones and teeth? potassium sodium iron calcium17. Which vitamin found in citrus fruits and tomatoes is necessary for iron absorption, collagen formation, and increasing the function of the immune system? Vitamin A Vitamin B Vitamin C Vitamin D18. What is measured by the basal metabolic rate (BMR)? the energy needs of the body at rest calories needed by the body during physical activity rate at which a person needs calories during the day rate at which food is converted to energy19. Which of the following is NOT a function of water? removal of waste products from the body circulation of substances through the blood temperature regulation and sweat production production of hormones20. Restaurants typically add too much of which of the following nutrients to food resulting in higher calories? fat vitamins water fiber21. A man’s weight is considered obese and harmful to his health if it is greater than which of the following percentages? 5% 10% 15% 20%22. What government agency has provided the public with dietary guidelines to help promote health and prevent disease? Food and Drug Administration U.S. Department of Agriculture National Institutes of Health Centers for Dise
A: 1- production of the sex hormones 2- carbohydrates3- proteins4-It contains too much sugar.5-glycogen6-Minerals are found only in the bones and teeth.7-synthesis8-glucose9-25510-saturated fat11-bronchitis12-a hurried lifestyle leading to many meals eaten away from home13-obesity14-triglycerides15-Proteins cannot be made by the body if they are absent.16-calcium17- vitamin c18-rate at which a person needs calories during the day19- production of hormones20- fat21- 20%22- Food and Drug Administration
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