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What is an example of an element

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Gold, iron, copper, and zinc are all examples of chemical elements. They are found on the Periodic Table. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-an-example-of-an-element ]
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Elements are the basic building blocks of everything. Some examples of elements are hydrogen, nitrogen, lithium, nickel, chlorine, and argon.
Hydrogen. That’s the simplest. By definition, an element is a substance that can’t be broken down into simpler substances. Oxygen, carbon, gold, neon, mercury etc. all fall into this category. Air is a mixture, water a compound.
Iron copper silver gold

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Percent abundance of an element…Can you clarify some things for me, I’m confused?
Q: I’ve been taught recently that if the element’s given masses do not add up, you must find what percent the element makes up over its total sum THEN use the given percent abundances.Example: Element X has 40% mass of 25, 10 % mass of 30, and 50% mass of 31.31 + 25 + 30 do not add up to be 100. Therefore, I haveto add them up, and put each over the total number and get the new number and go from there.My question is: Do you do the same thing with masses that exceed 100? For example, with this problem: If 50.54% of bromine has a mass of 78.92 and 49.46% of bromine has a mass of 80.92, what is the average atomic mass of bromine? Please clarify using the percent abundance formula.Thanks!This really didn’t answer my question..but thanks?
A: find the weighted average(50.54% of 78.92) + (49.46% of 80.92)= (0.5054 x 78.92) + (0.4946 x 80.92)= 79.91 g/mol(40% of 25) + (10 % of 30) + (50% of 31)= 0.4×25 + 0.1×30 + 0.5×31= 28.5 g/molnotice how the percentages add to give 100 50.54% + 49.46% = 100%and40% + 10% + 50% = 100%it doesn’t matter about the massesEDIT!!!79.91 IS THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION!!28.5 IS THE ANSWER TO THE EXAMPLE!!THE PERCENTAGES MUST ADD TO GIVE 100, NOT THE MASSES!!,.,.,
What is an example of an element, compound, mixture that is a household item?
Q: What is an example of an element, compound, mixture that is a household item? and is aluminum foil a element?
A: H2O – water02 – oxygenCO2 – carbon doixidealuminium is an element, but i think in foil form its mixed up with some other stuff, which makes it a compound of elements, not an element
what is an example of an element?
Q: what are some examples of elements found in a home?
A: Steel is not an element either…A large portion of the elements can be found in a house, but not on their own. Some utensils and jewelry might be made of a single element, but it most likely will be an alloy, like steel.
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