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What is blood clotting disease

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A:Von Willebrand disease (vWD) and hemophilia are inherited disorders that affects the blood’s ability to clot properly. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-blood-clotting-disease ]
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What is blood clotting disease
Von Willebrand disease (vWD) and hemophilia are inherited disorders that affects the blood’s ability to clot properly.
Why do patients with liver diseases commonly develop blood clotti…?
Liver disorders can sometimes cause bleeding problems as your liver makes most of the clotting factors.
Which Disease Of The Liver Impaired Blood Clotting?
The liver produce all blood clotting factors needed to clot bleeding except one. Any liver disease like, hepatitis a,b, c or non viral hepatitis cause malfunction liver and liver is also not able to produce these clotting factors. Diseases …

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What do I do if I want to have a baby, but I have a blood clotting disease?
Q: Okay, so I don’t want to have a baby yet, but in 5 years or so, who knows!! I had a blood clot when I was 16 and it turns out that I have a disease. My blood clots too much and I’m taking blood thinners, probably for the rest of my life. So what do I do when I want to have a baby? Will I get a blood clot and die from it? Will the baby die?
A: Hopefully, you’re not looking to have a baby for 6-16 years away (don’t be in a hurry). When you do get pregnant, you will be working closely (from the day you conceive) with a gynecologist /obstetrician that you trust. Part of your pre-natal evaluations will include frequent blood work, keeping track of any medications you are on, and giving you the necessary recomendations to ensure that you and the child are healthy.Although I am not an M.D., I would strongly advise you to not use birth control pills (as these are a bad idea for women prone to clots). You could consider the Mirena IUD, or condoms combined with the rhythm method. Speak to your GYN to get her recommendations.Don’t worry yourself. When the time comes, your doctor will know exactly how to handle your case like the pro she/he is. They deliver thousands of babies every year, and they’ve dealt with everything from meth-addicted mothers, to mothers with HIV, hepatitis, diabetes and many other diseases. I’m sure your problem will seem small simple by comparison.Stop thinking negative thoughts that have no basis… you’re making yourself crazy for no reason.Love & Blessings
Are P.A.D. (Pulmonary Artery Disease) and Reynaurd’s Disease and blood clotting one in the same thing?
Q: I am now just over 2 years of being cancer-free (I had Stage 2b Cervical and having undergone a full abdonimal hysterectomy and radiation therapy). I am seeing a specialist for cancer OB/GYN in addition to my regular doctor. A few years ago, my doctor told me that I have Reynaurd’s Disease (which is a circulation disorder–to clarify it to anyone who may not know what it is). A few months ago, I started to have pain in my joints, hands and feet and my regular doctor attributed it to having Rheumatoid Arthritis and gave me a prescription for Celebrex (which really did not help much).About a week and a half ago, I had such great pain from the Arthritis that my dr not only gave me a new prescription for the Celebrex, but an ultrasound of my legs (especially for my right leg in particular) to be sure I don’t have blood clots.When I went in for the test, the technician told me that my doctor probably ran the test because people with a history of cancer are more susceptible to blood clots. Is it possible that maybe the Reynaurd’s could be masking itself since the pain is so great in my legs or do you think my dr is just trying to play it safe? I know what Reynaurd’s is, having done my homework of having it for so long now, but is it tied to PAD since both effect the circulatory system and is PAD something that just effects the legs?Can you please try to explain it in understandable layman’s terms because I am medical-terminilogically challenged <LoL>
A: Not at all.The Reynaud’s and the arthritis don’t have a tie to blood clots.The tech was correct in that having had cancer does make you a little more likely to have a blood clot. Your doc was being careful, looking for the clots.PAD symptoms are almost always related to walking. After a certain distance, their legs hurt. When you stop, the pain goes away. PAD has to be very severe (< 30% of normal) to have pain at rest.If you haven’t already, look into a referral to a rheumatologist, an arthritis specialist.
What is the name of the disease bridget parker died of called?
Q: I was watching neighbours and I noticed that the character Bridget Parker died of a blood clot disease. Does anyone know the actual name of the disease or is it fictional? Thankyou. Any answers would be very much appreciated.
A: if it involves a blood clot it was probably an embolism, where a clot develops in the body and travels and gets lodged in an artery.if thats the case then that is a very real danger (dont think its a disease though). some people traveling on airplanes who sit in the same position too long can develop a clot in their legs and it will get dislodged and travel to their lungs and block an artery and they die
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