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What is called when a person can’t stop bleeding

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A:Hemophilia is a disease that prevents blood from clotting properly, so a person can’t stop bleeding. ChaCha on. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-called-when-a-person-can%27t-stop-bleeding ]
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What is called when a person can’t stop bleeding
Hemophilia is a disease that prevents blood from clotting properly, so a person can’t stop bleeding. ChaCha on.

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Is this something to worry about?
Q: Well for about 7 weeks I have been bleeding and I finally decided that I would take birth control pills to maybe regulate my period…after 4 weeks of bleeding.It was not heaving, but just like when you wipe and pink and at days red but not heavy at all. Now that I took the pills Im on my third week and I have been bleeding heavily and very painful. I have called my doctor but they just say they can’t check anything untilI stop bleeding. I’m wondering if I should just go to a hospital and just get checked from everything. Should I? Or has anyone gone through with something like this and what was it? I am a person who is irregular but I have never had this happen to me like bleed for so long, I have gone through like 5 months with no period and the longest my period was like a week. Please someone tell me something.
A: I would definately call the doctor and demand to be seen or if you can go to the ER. Heavy bleeding or bleeding for this long of time doesn’t seem right to me..GOod luck!
Will this good Samaritan be charged for violating the illegal aliens civil rights Illegal Alien Arrested?
Q: Illegal Alien Arrested After Striking Victims, Flinging 2 Of Them Off His Hood, Then Taking Off Good Samaritan Tracks Driver Down, Detains Him Until Police ArriveThey were clinging to the top of the hood, screaming for their lives, and police say they were treated like debris. Stunning revelations surfaced Thursday about the driver in the hit-and-run crash that seriously injured four high school students who were heading to the mall. “Thank God they’re alive.” That’s the first thing Anthony Centamore said when he saw his daughter Stefanie in the hospital on Wednesday night, not yet aware of how she got there. “When I walked in she had a neck brace on, and blood all over her. Scratches, scrapes on her face,” he told CBS 2. Then came the story of how Stefanie and her three friends were crossing the street and were blindsided by a car, whose driver never bothered to stop even as two victims were laying in the street, and two more, including his own daughter, were on the hood of the car, screaming for their lives. “What does that say about him? Basically, you can classify him as a low life,” Centamore said of the driver, identified as 26-year-old Elias Garcia of Hempstead. Police said what Garcia did was barbaric, especially in how he successfully got rid of the screaming girls. “He stops to get them off his car as you would some debris or a pile of snow off the hood of your car,” said Nassau County Police Det. Lt. Ray Cote. “They’re screaming, they’re bleeding as they’re holding on for their lives,” said Cote. Authorities say the day laborer jerked his car to a stop, forcing the two victims to fall off so he could make his getaway. As Garcia took off, leaving the four victims in the street, good Samaritan Steve Loverde sprang into action, determined not to let the driver get away. “I jumped into my car and made a U-turn and chased him down and he must have been going about 90 miles an hour,” Loverde told CBS 2. “I pulled him out of the car and I took his keys away and I just threw them on the grass and made the 911 call.”Loverde stopped Garcia and detained him until police arrived. It turned out Garcia is an illegal alien from Guatemala who doesn’t even have a license to drive, which explains why he took off, to a point. “Regardless of illegal alien or no last name, being a human being and a good person, you stop the car,” said Centamore. As for Centamore’s daughter, she’s being treated at Winthrop University Hospital and is in good spirits as are all her friends, secure in the knowledge that the man who hit them didn’t get away with it thanks to a good Samaritan. “I can’t say enough prayers for that gentleman. It’s a great thing that he did,” said Centamore. Loverde hopes to meet the girls at the hospital and tell them someone was watching over them and not everyone gets a second chance at life. Garcia was charged with reckless endangerment, driving without a license, and leaving the scene. Because he’s an illegal immigrant, he could be deported.http://wcbstv.com/topstories/hit.and.run.2.1706271.htmlLoverde told CBS 2. “I pulled him out of the car and I took his keys away and I just threw them on the grass and made the 911 call.””I wonder if this good man has any idea what he’s in store for.In this country, we can’t make a citizen’s arrest against an illegal alienBecause he’s an illegal immigrant, he could be deported. Or they could just write him some tickets and tell him to show up in court…of course he won’t show up. Catch and release
A: WH reports 4 high school students tried to detain Mr. Garcia a visitor to our country, and fleeing for his life, he was later stopped and forced out of his vehicle, thrown to the ground, causing multiple injuries, by a local citizen who stole his keys in the assault. Mr. Garcia says he believes he was a victim of racial profiling and believes his attackers should be punished to the full extent of the law for violating his civil rights.
Why do I feel like someones always judging me, even when i’m alone?
Q: Latley, something wierd has been happening to me,I feel like someone is watching me, someone I know. I feel like even on my own i’m being judged, and when I come to school, this person will have told everyone everything.I feel like they’ll know about my wrists and they’ll know what I think and they’ll hate me.Today, in school, some guy kept calling me an emo and a whore. I was getting a bit annoyed, but it wasn’t so bad. Then, I got out my scissors, they’re small, and not that sharp. I was messing, threatening to ‘stab’ him,I didn’t even mean to throw them. It was an accident. They slipped out of my hand. He ducked and it hit someone else. I hardly knew him and he started bleeding and I didn’t mean to and I still feel so sorry.Now, I’m known as the emo, psycho, killer, all that.And they hate me. I cried, I was so sorry, I cried. And it was so embarassing. They all think I did it on purpose. Sure, some of my friends comforted me, an didn’t laugh, but I cried. They hate me.Anyway, about this feeling like i’m being watched. It’s horrible, it got worse a few weeks ago, and now I can’t even look at myself in the mirror, because it feels like they see what I see and when they see me, they’ll laugh, and so will everyone else, and my friends will be gone.Is this some wierd disorder or am I just a freak, or…?I just want it to stop. I want to be normal, and I hate myself for the thing I am. They don’t think i’m suicidal, because, if I act serious, and I don’t joke about myself and make fun and laugh when they call me a freak, or an emo, then they’ll all leave me, because no on wants the emo.it’s not watching, like a stalker. Just being judged, always, so I can never be me.I can’t go to the doctor, i’m only thirteen. I’m not close to my parents. I’m not close enough to anyone to tell them.I know I should ignore them but I can’t when my best friends do it.
A: You are NOT a freak OR have a disorder. You are just sensitive. It’s a mistake. Don’t feel bad because you know it’s not your fault, and of course you feel bad. The people who are calling you names are bullies and don’t realize the true emotions of someone else. They are IGNORANT! Keep your friends close though, since they are helping you. Sometimes people cry for know reason because of emotions of the day, that doesn’t mean they are emo. Teenagers are all emotional.It’s not your fault at all. The people who are making fun of you, just ignore them, or at least try to block them up with your innocence. If the bleeding kid had a little scratch, then how are you psycho and a killer? Those words are hurtful and stupid. I’m with you all the way.The thing I can tell you to do is smile though, it will help yourself. You are not born to please people, so make yourself happy your own way. You will cry once in a while, but smile and know you are not bad.
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