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What is Christmas disease

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A:Christmas disease is hemophilia B, named after a 10 year old boy, Stephen Christmas, who had the disease. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-christmas-disease ]
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n. A type of hemophilia that is caused by a deficiency of factor IX. [After Stephen Christmas, a 20th-century British boy who was first diagnosed with it.]
Christmas disease is hemophilia B, named after a 10 year old boy, Stephen Christmas, who had the disease . ChaCha again!
Hemophilia B is sometimes referred to as Christmas disease because a young boy named Stephen Christmas was the first patient that was recognized to have this form of hemophilia. There are several types of hemophilia and all are diseases tha…

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Has anyone heard of Williams disease and Christmas disease what are they?
Q: Polycali: you are several months behind on that one. I must confess i expected it
A: Perhaps rather sadly our PC world is turing away from using proper names to describe diseases and in a few more years this picturesque habit will probably die out. However most diseases had an eponym when I trained.Christmas Disease is now Haemophilia B and Williams Syndrome is more properly known as idiopathic hypercalcemia-supravalvular aortic stenosis syndrome, is a chromosome abnormality with mental retardation and number of associated physical defects.
What is Christmas disease and is caused by deficiency of what ? Is it Genetic?
A: Hemophilia–an inherited tendency of males to bleed–is an ancient disease only brought under control in the last 50 years. Jewish texts of the second century A.D. refer to boys who bled to death after circumcision, and the Arab physician Albucasis (1013-1106) also described males in one family dying after minor injuries. 1952, when researchers in England realized there were 2 types of hemophilia. They had been studying a 10-year-old boy with hemophilia named Stephen Christmas who didn’t seem to have the “typical” disease. They called his version hemophilia B, or “Christmas disease,” and the more prevalent kind hemophilia A, or “classic hemophilia.” Hemophilia was caused by a deficiency of a coagulation factor.It is genetically inherited and almost exclusively affects males.
Hemophilia B (Christmas Disease) question?
Q: What are the effects of not getting your Factor IX injection in a timely manner when there is bleeding in the joints?
A: Looked it up. Serious bleeding and truma. So get those shots. And the only way to operate would be by sugery.Best of luck
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