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What is it called when your blood is not able to clot

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A:Hemophilia is a disorder of the blood clotting system. It is a lifelong disease, but with proper care, most have normal lives. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-it-called-when-your-blood-is-not-able-to-clot ]
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What is it called when your blood is not able to clot
Hemophilia is a disorder of the blood clotting system. It is a lifelong disease, but with proper care, most have normal lives.

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A: Oh HELL NO! I’m not helping you with your school work. The last thing I need is for you to just skim by, and end up with you as my medical provider. OMG I’d be dead for sure!
have any of your fam had a stroke?
Q: At 930am this morning i was at the doctors with my sister and my couzin rang me and told me that my dad has just been rushed into hospital so i made my way straight down there. My auntie was there already so i wasnt alone. He can just about talk proper. He said that lastnight when he got up to use the bathroom, he just fell to the ground and couldnt move at all or call for help. He lives with his mom whos 85 and when she got up in the morning she found it strange because hes normally up before her so she went up to his room to check him and she found him laying down on the floor so she phoned the ambulance. They said he had a huge stroke through the night. Today down the hospital they done like 3 x-rays for different things and one came back saying that he had a blood clot so they give him some tablets to thinner the blood out to clear it away. My dads saying to the doctors that he cant feel any of his right side. He cant walk or move his right arm. He cant look to the right only to the left because its like all his right side has dissapeard. He is kinda moving his leg really fast but he doesnt know that hes doing it because when you ask him he says hes not but he is, its tingling back and fore. Im so scared. He has a needle going into his arm, a tube going down his nose into his stomach to feed him because he cant swollow to eat. When he talks i cant really understand him and all he does is sleep. Its really upsetting. Hes 58 and the docs said that at his age its kinda young to be having strokes. So now im worried incase anything happens to him. iv been sitting down with him all day today but hes not said a word because he keeps closing his eyes and when he does talk i dunno what hes saying. Hes worried incase he wont be able to drive or walk anymore :(. any they said hes gonna be in hospital for at least 2wks.have any of your fam or someone had something like this? and are they ok now?
A: it depends on what caused the stroke, the damage done etc. because hes young, this sounds odd but its a good thing he is. you are more likely to recover from a stroke if you are younger than an older person. he should recover but he may have some long term problems, its normal. like a slight limp or something. my grandma had strokes but she was 94 and passed away, but there where other problems too she had heart attacks and stuff. i hope he gets well soon and everything turns out right for you guys.! 🙂
I’m at Death Point. Please take your time to read this?
Q: Hello,Thank you so much for your time. This may take a long time so please bare with me.Okay. My parents have been fighting due to financial issues. (I’m 13, I can’t work yet). I new that this Christmas would’ve been bad; You know, all the time I hear laughter all around me. Families enjoying their selves, they have the time of their life.But me, I always hear yelling, screaming, coming from my house. About 6 years ago, my Uncle, was “helping” my Father buying a nice house. He had his name written down for helping to buy it, everything. Up until the crunch. He was off the face of the Earth, no where to be found. He stole $60,000 away from our family. He stole my Mothers Work Money, everything. The rest of my Dads family doesn’t want anything to deal with us now – any time, that my Older Brother or Myself would like to go near their house to say Hello to our Grandmother, Uncle, Aunties, Cousins, they call the police onto us. My Mothers family is in the Philippines. Therefore; we don’t have any family except for ourselves…4 people.Okay, so every Christmas is a nightmare because my Father feels depressed and gets angry at us because he has no Family to come over for a happy, Christmas Lunch. We can never see the rest of our Family. Not for Christmas, not to even celebrate each others Birthdays.Well, this year was the WORST. I got nothing for Christmas. (4 days ago was my Brothers Birthday and he got nothing for his Birthday either). I felt so sad. My Dad works in a Mental Institute and my Mother is a Registered Nurse. My Mother has Factor 5. It’s a disease (genetic) where your blood thins out and you get blood clots. 4 years ago my Mother had four blood clots in her leg and was un-able to work. She is a strong woman – 4 years afterwards she works about 1 shift a week…It’s not enough money for us to survive on though.My Dad is on holidays and will not get the money until another two weeks. There is no food in the cobard. We are starving. I get teased at school about how much I weigh…I’m the shy one. I never have had much friends. I’m the main target. Boys would always joke about going out with me…It makes me cry. Why am I such a mistake. My brother gives me insults about the way I look. He always calls me “Fatty” “Fat shit” “Fat fuck” “Tubby” Everything.I’ve been starving myself and I think my Mother has noticed and I’m not too sure what to say. She said she will put me into a Mental Institute for starving myself and I am literally killing myself. But why would I want to stay on this Earth? My father calls me a “Fucking idiot” “A failure” And he wants me out of this house by 16; he said “You’re not going to be succsessful, so you can get out of this house when you’re 16. You don’t have to do years 11 and 12, because you’re too dumb” He says that regularly. I just want to sit down and cry. There is nothing good to my life. What should I do? I’ve got no friends, nobody to talk to.Thanks for your time and sorry it was too long. Sorry about my language, I’m from the Philippines but had just moved to Australia. Sorry.I’m part Australian; part Philippines I was born in Australia but I go to the Philippines a lot.
A: Don’t listen to his shouting if you see he really is calling him self an idiot and he’ s regretting of his own failure of putting you in this condition. Don’t listen to the boys bothering you either they don’t know what they are saying yet and if you get very crossed you could say to them that you wouldn’t want to go out with them either because they don’t even have the IQ to speak with you and understand the other people’s problem. You are a miracle just shown in this text with your age you have power to express your feelings if you keep the good work you will be a very successful person. Make a diet eat little as you can and drink water when you fell hungry.Good luck. I wish the best for you.
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