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What is the best way to get clear beautiful skin on your face

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Use some sort of anti-bacterial to destroy and protect from the bacteria that cause acne, then use a moisturizer with medicine. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-way-to-get-clear-beautiful-skin-on-your-face ]
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What is the best way to get clear beautiful skin on your face?
Use some sort of anti-bacterial to destroy and protect from the bacteria that cause acne, then use a moisturizer with medicine.

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How does this story sound?
Q: Tainted Roses The shadow of the rain against my window cascaded on my wall. I stared up at the ceiling with my heart beating slowly, almost fading. I was supposed to be sleep, but I wasn’t quite that tired. Besides I had so many more thoughts on my mind than sleep.I turned onto my side and stared at my roommate, Chase. He had his dark obsidian hair covering his face, and he was snoring quietly. His pale skin was like smooth, polished porcelain, and he was beautiful. I closed my eyes and cleared my mind, forcing myself to sleep. I slowly drifted away into a unconsciousness I can’t explain. The night was cold and dark. I made my way toward the campus, with an uncanny feeling that someone was watching me. Just as my feet touch the stairs, I’m not anywhere near the campus anymore. I’m in a forest. I can tell because there’s birds chirping, and so many trees surrounding me. I turn to look for the campus, walking swiftly through the cold. I trip and fall over dead roots and broken branches on the ground. I hear a crunching sound behind me, and realize I’m not alone anymore. My side begins to hurt painfully, and I reach and feel a branch sticking through my pale skin. I grimace at the pain and try to call for help. A sweet, cool voice enters my mind, telling me to hold still and stay calm. I don’t listen, I pull the limb out my side and watch the crimson blood cover my white blouse. The voice enters my mind again, and I try my best to block it out. I stand again, and try my best to run. I hear the crunching sound again and when I turn back around there’s a little girl standing in front of me. She’s hurt, bleeding from her neck. “ Oh god,” I say and run toward her.“ What happened? Are you okay?” My breathing becomes heavy. She points behind me and I spin my head around to see three beautiful creatures standing behind me. I stand trying to protect the girl.“ Wesley,” the tall male says and walks forward. I back away and realize that they’re not after the little girl, and that their after me.He holds out a pale hand, the color of cream, and says in a tranquil voice, “ Come my child.” Being drawn into his mind, I follow his voice and take his hand. He smiles showing his pearly white teeth and holds me close to his side. He sees the blood dripping from my abdomen and pushed me against a tree. The other two help him hold me down. I began to scream on the top of my lungs. There’s a painful icy feeling at my neck and up to see the man biting through my flesh.“ I told you my child, we’’ll meet again.” he pulls away. I scream even louder, but I know no one will here me and I was going to die.I woke up to see Chase standing over me, shaking me. It’s light outside, I’m in my dorm room, and I am automatically aware that it was just an nightmare. I breathe in the fresh air in the room and feel my forehead. “ Are you okay? You were shaking and screaming. I thought you we’re having some kind of episode or something.” I shake my head and pull the covers aside. “ Is it the same nightmare you’ve been having every single night?” I shake my head and stare at the red walls. The color red just suddenly makes me thirsty. My mouth began to water and I remember my dream, and the blood. The cerise fluid running down my neck. “ He called me his child.” I finally speak. I wrinkle my forehead confused and walk to my closet. I grab my uniform. “ It’s just weird that I’ve been thinking about blood lately. I mean, every time I have the dream I always get these cravings.” He stands and walks behind me. He spins me around to face him. He pulls me into a friendly hug and pats me on the back.“ I’m sure it’s some side-affect of a disease your getting. Whatchamacallitnism.” He jokes around. I chuckle and grab some tights from my dresser. “ Yeah maybe.”“ Or you might be some lost vampire.” I shake my head, but the word vampire brings chills through my body. I run my fingers through my hair and pull off my night clothes. Since we have been roommates since 7th grade, we don’t have problems changing in front of each other. I pull on a white button up shirt, a plaid skirt, and my leggings. I finish buttoning my blouse and caught Chase’s eyes. He stares at my abdomen. At the freshly cut scar on my side. I recognized it too and traced my fingers over it. It’s still sore and only a twig or branch could have made that cut.“ What happen?” he asks. I open my mouth, but a feeling comes over me. A craving. I drop my shoes, my eyes darken and I stare at Chase as if I want to kill him. There’s a snarl in my chest. I smell it. I smell the cerise fluid. I jump onto Chase and hold him down. I sniff his neck, there it is. The veins carrying the cherry goodness.“ What are you doing?” He pushed me off him. I come back to reality and he stares at me like I’m some nut case.“ Wesley, you’re nose is bleeding.” I touch my nose and feel the gushy blood drip down my mouth. It’s a dark reddish tint, with a hint
A: Wow, that’s really good… Are you a writer… if not you should be. When you finish the rest of it you should totally email it to [email protected]!
I want to be a writer…What do you think about this story?
Q: The Gaze of FateMy heart began to race as I realized that he was looking at me. I could feel his eyes on me. I looked his way, and surprisingly he didn’t look away. This behavior and reaction to me looking back was new and made me feel weird. I blushed and found myself counting the floor tiles on the school floor. I truly did hate this place. Everyone does right? But this kind of hate was bearable because my house was worse. When I looked back up when I came out of my day dream, I noticed he wasn’t there anymore. He had moved. He was closer to me now. It seemed like inches away, and yet it was feet. When I saw his longish jet black hair against his pale white skin, it gave me goose bumps. His blue eyes were crystal clear, light blue marbles. It seemed that he had no flaws, from the eye. Everyone in the school knew his story. His story was similar to mind, but completely opposite at the same time. Both mine and his mother are drunks, well his mother was. His mother was murdered by his father when he was about thirteen. I remember the story on the news. His father is incarcerated. Ever since then I think he has been living with his Aunt. He doesn’t really like to talk about it so not that many people know about it.All my thoughts had taken my mind far from where it should have been. When I remembered what I was doing, I looked up. He was standing in front of me. I had to look up to him because I was a short girl only about 5’3”, and he was at least 5’10” if not more. His eyes glowed from the lights. He just stood there for a moment the said:“Hi.” A simple sentence that meant so much to me.“Um, hi.” I replied kind of quite like.“My names Christopher, what’s yours?” He asked.“…My names Caitlyn.”“That’s a beautiful name.”“Thanks.” I said blushing.“So, um do you want to go some where for a walk?”“That would be nice.” I smiled, for the first time in ages.We walked out the front door. I was following him because I didn’t know exactly what we were doing. When we got to the parking lot he pulled out a set of keys, and unlocked the doors of a little black Honda. He opened my door for me. When he got in the car he was silent. The silence continued for a few more minutes. We stopped at a stop light, and turned and faced me.“You seem tense, what’s up?”“Nothing…” I said trailing off into a awkward silence.I stared out the window for a while before the car stopped. We were at a park. He got out the car and walked around and opened my door, just as I was going to get out for myself. I wasn’t used to this type of stuff. I was always very independent. For as long as I can remember, my mom was a drunk along with my dad. They were just problem drinkers, that’s all they could do. I had to adapt to get my own needs, I was always neglected. It made me stronger. As I though we walked down the path. The sun was setting. It was beautiful outside. We sat down on a bench.“So, what’s up with you?” He asked.I didn’t know how he wanted to answer that. What did he want me to answer. “What do you mean?” I finally asked.“Like what do you do, anything really, I just want to get to know you.”“Oh, well I don’t really do anything, I have a best friend but she’s out of town right now.”“That’s cool. I can tell your nervous.”
A: you are so goodu should be writer
what do u think? any opinions?
Q: I sat alone, silent and deadly still. My hands clenched tightly, and my eyes not daring to move of the ground. People’s screams filled my head and drowned everything else out. Their screams were screams of pain and of fear. Each one I knew, each one I remembered, and each one I tried to ignore. I couldn’t handle it; there was so much pain and anger all the time. I couldn’t be this person; I wasn’t this person, not now and not ever!I was determined to get away from here, as far away as possible. I had to for my own sake! My mother and father whom I had never known had fled the colony many years ago. I had been taken in by Lacida. She was my mother’s best friend, before everything happened, before my life was turned upside down, smashed to pieces, put in a blender, and then finally watered down until all that remained was the slight tangy-ness of death and despair.Screams of horror echoed thought my ears, everything in my heart told me that this was wrong, but everything in my head told me that this was how things were and there was nothing I could do about it. Lacida once told me that I was a fighter, and no matter what I was told I was always to trust my heart. I never really understood what she meant before, but standing here, drenched in the blood of the one person who took me in and cared for me, shaking with anger and grief I finally understood what she meant all those years ago.My hands shook as I reached out to touch hers. They were so cold, like stone, smoothed to a perfect finish by the constant wavering of the ocean. Tears streaked from my face like a waterfall. They were tears of sadness and regret, but mostly they were tears of anger and the burning rage inside of me to revenge her death. Her once young beautiful eyes now resembled the old woman she was. They were so tired looking, but there was something different about them now. She looked almost peaceful.“Bring her back to me.” I whispered as I sat there, clenching her hand close to my heart, praying that something, someone would bring her back to me. I couldn’t live without her, I needed her. The wind roared as I let go of her hand. I watched it fall to the floor and lay there motionless. I half expected her to jump up and say surprise, but every second that I remained there, trying to convince myself that she was alive, was another second that I had already proved to myself that she was gone for good.The rain seemed to last forever, icy drops of pain and sadness seemed to dig into my bare skin like hundreds and thousands of tiny needles. The ones that are so delicate if you try to pull them out they break and lodge into your skin forever. Nothing made sense anymore. Everything that I once believed in was now proven to be a lie. I felt sick to my stomach every time I thought of her, lying there on the floor like that. Cold, alone, frightened, and thinking that I hated her.I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I jumped and was knocked back into reality. My eye took a few moments to adjust to the light. Shapes began to appear out of the light getting clearer and defined, until I could make out faces and features that I recognized. I sat up straight and looked around. There was something wrong, something was missing. I could sense it in the air, I could taste it on my tongue and I could feel it pulsating through my veins.A tall dark figure began to draw closer; I stared as they floated so silently and gracefully along the floor. I was mesmerized by the way that this person, whatever it may be walked, it was unreal, like watching a movie. The person came to an abrupt stop and I jolted my head back. My eyes met with something strange. It was not a face, but a long black shimmering veil draped over its head. I watched as it stood there. It had no obvious eyes, but I could feel it watching me, I could feel its glare studying me like Lacida did when she suspected something bad of me. I felt my throat begin to tie itself into a knot. Lucida, was she really gone? Was it just a dream? What really happened? My mind seemed to flicker between the here, the now and the past. I couldn’t seem to concentrate on either. It was like switching a light on and off. You can’t have it both ways. I tried to block the images of her lying there on the drowned floor, her eyes wide staring up at me. So instead I turned my mind onto the here and now. The person stood perfectly still, if I had not seen it move I would have mistaken it for a figure carved out of oak pale stone. There was no one else around, well no one else that I could see. I knew well not to only trust my eyes, they only saw what was on the outside, there was so much more on the inside.I stared deep into the figure; I studied its shape and its essence. It seemed only to stand there watching me. I no longer cared whether I lived or died, I had nothing to live for, I was alone in the world and there was nothing that I could do about it. Everyone that I had ever loved had be
A: You have soom good ideas there, but I noticed right away that you use the word ‘I’ alot! :O all the time. Instead of saying..’I stared deep into the figure; I studied its shape and it’s esscence’ you could start it by saying..’Staring deep into the figure, it’s shape and essence seemed only to stand there watching me’. etc …see what i did? By doing that, you’re taking away the ‘I this…and I that’ it makes your readers more involved. Don’t remove all the I’s..keep some for dramatic effect, especially when you’re expressing your own emotions.!Great story, keep it up!! 🙂
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