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What is the chemical name for ZnO

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Zinc oxide is the chemical name for ZnO. Thanks for doing the ChaCha with me today! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-chemical-name-for-zno ]
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What is the chemical name for ZnO
The name of the chemical formula ZnO is zinc oxide. Thanks for doing the ChaCha!

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What is the correct chemical name for ZnO?
Q: a. zinc oxideb. monozinc monoxidec. zinc (II) oxided. zinc peroxide
A: a. zinc oxide
Chem help !!!! very important?
Q: Hey guys this is my last chemistry questions thingy ; so anyways, this is really important soo all help contributed is appreciated. I’ll choose best answer obviously. Just answer the ones you can, & if you cant than its fine. Explanation would be great ! for my knowledge =) but i mostly need the answers. Thanks again, who ever answered is cool :] & smart lmao cause i couldnt find these answers on my own. Here it is:1)When group 5A elements form ions they__?a) Lose two protons to form 2- ionsb)Gain two protons to form 2+ ionsc)Lose two electrons to form 2+ ionsd)Gain two electrons to form 2- ions2)When naming a covalent compound, the number of each type of atom is indicated by a__?a)Prefixb)Suffixc)Roman numerald)Superscript3)The metals in groups 1A,2A and 3A___a)Lose electrons to form cationsb)Gain electrons to form cationsc)Lose two electrons to form 2+ ionsd)Gain two electrons to form 2- ions4)Which compound contains V3+ ion?a)VSb)V2O3c)V2)5d)VO5)Which formula represents an ionic compound?a)CS2b)SiCl4c)N2O4d)AlCl36)Which shows correctly an ion pair and the ionic compound the two ions form?a)Sn4+,N3-;Sn3N4b)Cu2+,O2-;Cu2O2c)Cr3,I-;CrId)Fe3+,O2-;FeO27)Which correctly represents an ion pair and the ionic compound the ions form?a)Ca2+,F-;Ca2Fb)Na+,Cl-;NaCl2c)Ba2+,O2-;BaOd)Pb4+,O2-;Pb2O48)In which are the formula of the ionic compound and the charge on the metal ion shown correctly?a)UCl5,U+b)ThO4,Th4+c)IrS2,Ir2+d)Ni2O,Ni+9)Which set of chemical name and chemical formula for the same compound is correct?a)Disodium oxide, Na2Ob)Barium nitride, Ba3N2c)Aluminum(III) floride,AIF3d)Magnesium oxide, Mg2O210)Which set of chemical name and chemical formula for the same compound is correct?a)Iron(II) oxide, Fe2O3b)Copper(II)chloride, Cu2Clc)Lead(IV) carbonate, Pb(CO3)2d)Nickel(II)chlorate,NiClO311)Which set of chemical name and chemical formula for the same compound is correct?a)Ammonium sulfite (NH4)2Sb)Iron(II) phosphate, FePO4c)Dilithium carbonate,Li2CO3d)Magnesium nitrate, Mg(NO3)212)Which is the chemical formula for potassium hydrogen phosphate?a)K2HPo3b)K2HPo4c)KH2Po3d)KH2Po413)What is the ending for the name of the polyatomic anion that has one less oxygen?a)Odeb)Idec)Ited)Ate14)Which correctly shows a prefix used in naming covalent compounds with its corresponding number?a)Deca-,7b)Nona-,6c)Hexa-,9d)Octa-,815)Which of the following is a covalent compound?a)As2)3b)AuCl2c)Agld)ArF416)Which formula represents a binary covalent compound?a)SO2b)Xec)ZnOd)BeF2Thanksss !
A: 2) A4) B13) C14) Dthats all I can do lol. sorry. but i tried.hoped i helped
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