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What is the chemical symbol for zinc

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The Chemical symbol for Zinc is ZN. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-chemical-symbol-for-zinc ]
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What is the chemical symbol for zinc
The Chemical symbol for Zinc is ZN. Thanks for using ChaCha!
Which chemical element is represented by the symbol Zn??
As per periodic table in chemistry it is Zinc.
What is the chemical symbol for zinc sulphide?
Zinc sulphide has the chemical formula ZnS .

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What is the chemical formula, including physical state symbol for each of plutonium; zinc; neon?
A: Pu – solidZn – solidNe – gas(any periodic table has this information…)
i need some help on my chemistry homework i really need the help?
Q: Give the name and chemical symbol for the following a nonmetal in the second periodan alkali metalthe third period halogenwhat are the four most abundant elements found in living things Titanium and thallium have symbols that are easily confused with each other give the symbol atomic number and atomic weight of each element .what charges are most commonly observed for monatomic ions for the following elmentsmagnesiumzincnickelgalliumgive the symbol, including the correct charge for each of the following ionsbarrium ion titanium(iv)ionsulfide ion cobalt ionwhen a pottassium atom becomes a monotonic ion, how many electrons does it lose or gain? What noble gas atom has the same number of electrons as a potassium ion?predict the charges of the ions in an ionic compound containing the elements barium and bromine Write the formula for the compoundWhich of the following are the correct formulas for the ionic compounds? For those that are not give the correct formulaalcl2KF2Ga2o3MgSwhat is the definition of a polyatomic ion?what is the definition of a moleculewhat is a cation what is an anion describe what are metals, non-metals, and metals
A: this info should all be in your chemistry book. do you have your book?
Need a numonic to remember the reactivety sereis for their symbols?
Q: I rememberd the reactivety series its just i need to remember their symbols so i thought another numonic would helpKNaLiCaMgAlznFeTiPbCuAgAuPtive got one to help remember the chemicals them selves Please——– Potassiumsir—————Sodiumlancelot——Lithumcan———–Calciummy———–Magnesiumaligator——Aluminiumzoom——–Zincin ———–Ironto———– Titainuimlearn——- Leadcomputer—– Copperscience——- Silvergeography—– Goldp.e.————— Platinum.And finally what is the chemical symbol forNitrateChlorideSulphate is it the same as the acid like do they stay the samee.g. Sulphuric acid symbol would be the same as sulphates symbol???please help
A: Nitrate is NO3Chloride is CL2Sulphate is SO4:D
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