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What is the fastest way to get better from a cold

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Give your antibodies a hand.Zinc helps fight the virus on contact. As soon as you feel a sore throat tingle, suck on a 15 mg MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-fastest-way-to-get-better-from-a-cold ]
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What is the fastest way to get better from a cold
Give your antibodies a hand.Zinc helps fight the virus on contact. As soon as you feel a sore throat tingle, suck on a 15 mg MORE?
What is the best and fastest way to get rid of a cold??
Ditto about the tons of fluids, but make sure what you drink is actually good for you. =) Raw honey (make sure it’s raw and not the processed stuff regular markets sell — it will say “raw” on the label — you’ll probably have to …
What is the fastest way to get better from a common cold?
You can’t cure a cold, but taking vitamin C and zinc supplements, and getting plenty of rest can shorten the duration of the cold.

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What is the best and fastest way to recover from a cold?
Q: I woke up today and had a runny nose and a sore throat.What are the best things for me to eat or do in order to get better?School starts Tuesday!I do not want the first thing people see to be my red nose.
A: i just started having a cold yesterday, and i’m sbout to ship out for basic training tuesday, so i’m desperate to get rid of this cold too.this is what has been helping me:drink alot of water&orange juice.your body needs alot of fluids.and orange juice cobtains vitamin C, which will help you get over a cold faster.suck on cough drops that contain zink.its really good for healing the scratchy-ness, and soreness of your throat.slightly working out [not overkill ofcourse] helps get your body going. and boosts your immune system, so u will get better faster..then stay warm and get alot if rest!!hope u feel better :]&have fun at school on tuesday!
What is the fastest way to get over a cold?
Q: I think I have a head cold, my head feels like its going to explode from pressure, my ears hurt, I have a scrtchy throat, and my nose is stuffy. Since next week is Christmas, I really want to get better quickly. Is there any remedy that can get me better super fast?
A: sounds like you might be starting to fight an infection, which would need antibiotics if you were to see a doctor for it.OR…. you can kick its butt first! :-)take a sinus decongestant containing Phenylephrine 5mg. you don’t necessarily need all the extras it’s often mixed with.but if you want some extras, here you go: Guaifenisen (Mucinex is the brand name, but it’s way cheaper at dollar stores. always read ingredients!!) liquefies your mucus so it’s much easier to expel. But you have to drink TONS of water or it won’t work, and you must be near a bathroom because it makes you pee a lot.Ibuprofen is an excellent anti-inflammatory, but it’s strong, so alternate it with Acetaminophen as needed for pain, pressure, and headaches.first your sinuses get inflamed, then you get post-nasal drip going down your throat and it aggravates your throat. it hurts to swallow because your glands swell when they have to help fight infections. it’s a lousy feeling, i know!ESSENTIALS:stay home. (even one day can make a difference. plus, you’ll keep your germs to yourself.)sleep. (bolsters up your immune system)drink plenty of water. (pee out those germs and flush ’em away!!)take vitamin C. (also strengthens the immune system)eat too much garlic. (sorry, but it really is great for your health! and it will give you a good reason to stay home. 🙂 )avoid milk and chocolate. dairy foods will thicken your mucus and make your fight that much harder.the meds and garlic are harsh, so don’t take them on an empty stomach. i hope you allow yourself some time to feel better soon! take care.also i just learned a new tip from JOHN POPPER of BLUES TRAVELER: very hot water, cayenne pepper, white vinegar, and honey. GROSS!!! he gargles it and spits up all kinds of nasty crap. might be worth a shot, but don’t hurt your vocals! to be safe maybe just do hot water with lemon and honey. that works too, and it’s much more pleasant.
What is the fastest way to heal from a cold/flu (Respiratory infection)?
Q: I want to heal from my respiratory infection by Saturday because I have to take the SATs. Symptoms:1). Benign sore throat2). Moderate cold (Yellow phlegm/mucus)I do NOT have a headache, a runny nose, or stuffy (I can breathe with both) noses. I’m trying to get all of the mucus out by coughing as hard as I can to keep on pushing it out, or just constantly blowing it out by the nose.What’s the fastest way to cure this so that I am in good shape to focus and take the exam? -Or, what is the best way to make it more milder so it’s not a big distraction?
A: taking airborne and dayquil has always helped me fight off a cold quick, you should give it a shot
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