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What is the formula for the compound zinc chloride

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The chemical formula for the compound zinc chloride is ZnCl2. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-formula-for-the-compound-zinc-chloride ]
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What is the formula for the compound zinc chloride
The chemical formula for the compound zinc chloride is ZnCl2.
What is the difference between compound zinc chloride and a mixtu…?
Well i think zinc chloride is a mixture but not sure, if its a compound then you wouldnt be able to seperate it into its normal elements (zinc and Hydrochloric Acid)
Is zinc chloride an ionic compound or a molecular compound??
Zinc chloride is an ionic compound: (a)It conducts electricity in solution or in molten state,unlike covalent compounds. (b)High melting and boiling point. (c)Much harder than molecular compounds

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After adding HCl to Zinc in addition to the gas produced, an aqueous solution of zinc chloride is also produce?
Q: 1. Write the formula for this compound. 2. Write a balanced chemical equation for this single displacement reaction. Identify which chemical is replaced and which replaces it. 3. If you could open the piston slightly and place a burning splint into it, you would hear a “pop”. What gas would do this? Does this make sense according to the balanced equation for the reaction?
A: ZnCl2Zn + 2HCl –> H2 + ZnCl2hydrogen displaced; replaced by zincH2 produced the “pop”2H2 + O2 –> 2H2O
What is the experimental percentage, grams contained, empirical formula, and balanced equation?
Q: A 1.0000 g sample of zinc metal is added to a solution containing 1.250 g of an unknown compound made of bismuth and chlorine. The reaction results in the formation of zinc chloride and metallic bismuth. When the reaction is complete, unreacted zinc remains, and this unreacted zinc is “burned off” by reaction with hydrochloric acid. After washing and drying, the mass of bismuth metal recovered is 0.6763 grams.A. calculate the experimental percentage of bismuth in the original unknown compound.B. if 2.3000 g of the unknown bismuth chloride had been used, how many grams of chlorine would you expect it to contain?C. determine the empirical formula of the original unknown compound.D. write balance equation for the reaction of zinc w/ the original unknown compound.E. Assuming your answer from part d is correct, what is the minimum mass of zinc metal needed to react w/ the original bismuth chloride compound?
A: Zn + Bi(x)Cl(y) ——> ZnCl + Bia. % Bi = (0.6763/1.250)x100 = 54.10%b. (100-54.10)% x 2.3000 = 1.057 gc. basis: 100 g compound54.10 % Bi by mass45.9 % Cl by massso,mass Bi = 54.10 gmass Cl = 45.9 gatomic wt Bi = 208.98 g/molatomic wt Cl = 35.5 g/molmol Bi = 54.10/208.98 = 0.26 mol Cl = 45.9/35.5 = 1.29Bi: Cl = 0.26/0.26 : 1.29/0.26 = 1 : 4.9 = 1:5so empirical formula is BiCl5d. 5Zn + BiCl5 ——–> 5ZnCl + Bie. Molecular wt BiCl5 based on (c) = 386.48 g/molmol BiCl5 supplied = 1.250 g/ 386.48 g/mol = 0.0032 molmol Zn needed to react BiCl5 completely = 0.0032 mol BiCl5 (5 mol Zn/1 mol BiCl5) (65.40 g Zn/ 1 mol Zn) = 1.0464 gminimum mass Zn = 1.0464 gi’m not sure with this.i feel this s wrong sorry. i got EF BiCl5 but the molecular formula of bismuth chloride should be BiCl3. are you sure those are the correct data? just check for other answer !
need help with online chem hw ><‘. formulas/naming compounds?
Q: What is the name of the compound whose formula is SiF4? – Silicon(IV) FlourideWhat is the formula for the compound potasium chloride? – KClWhat is the name of the compound whose formula is (NH4)2CO3? -Ammonium CarbonateWhat is the formula for the compound zinc permanganate -Zn(II)(MnO4)2
A: 1. Silicon tetraflouride / Silicon(IV) Flouride2. KCl3. Ammonium Chloride4. Zn(MnO4)2Hope it helpspeacevixklen
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