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What is the medicine Zinc

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The medicine Zinch Chloride is a dietary supplement used to promote proper growth and good health. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-medicine-zinc ]
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What is the medicine Zinc
The medicine Zinch Chloride is a dietary supplement used to promote proper growth and good health. ChaCha on!
Is their ZINC in the medicine Airborne?
Yes, zinc can be found in the medicine Airborne. Along with zinc, there are vitamins, herbal extracts, amino acids, echinacea and vitamin c included. =) According to everyone that I have talked with, this medicine has helped them.
Who is Zinc Medical?
ZincMedical develops infection prevention and healthcare/patient safety products designed to improve the quality of patient care, hospital resources and reduce costs. The company was founded to address a specific  challenge in combating cat…

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Do Zinc Lozenges interact with any medicine and what are the side effects?
Q: I would like to know if Zinc Lozenges would interact with any medicine and which kind? I take Ranitidine for acid reflux and I take Advair, Nasanex, and Singular for my allergies. I was taking Sudafed for mucus going into the back of my throat, but I don’t want to take that too much. Also, is there any side effects that are dangerous if I take the lozenges?
A: Call a pharmacist. You can get toxic, but only if you take a lot of them.
Acetone in mouth and now side of face doesn’t work?
Q: On Monday, I put pure acetone on a cold sore because I heard that it would help get rid of it sooner. Not too shortly after wards I went to bed and awoke to my tongue feeling burnt with three red spots on it (The right side of my tongue where the cold sore is) and a sore jaw (Only the right side).The next day on Tuesday my tongue was swollen (Only the right half was swollen). Wednesday I went to the doctors and they said I would be fine and told me to take zinc medicine. On that day I observed that the three red bumps turned into a big red circle on my tongue. Today on Saturday my jaw no longer hurts but it feels funny, my tongue is no longer swollen but you can still see where it was burnt. I don’t feel like I have as much control over the right side of my face and I feel like i’m losing vision in my right eye as well. When I smile only the left side actually curves up. I’m really worried what could this mean?
A: OK, sweetie, first of all…DON’T PANIC!! That can make things much worse.You could have anything from an allergic reaction to nerve damage to Bell’s Palsey (triggered by the stress of the injury). You MUST go back to your doctor, and if he doesn’t know what to say, get a BETTER doctor and a second opinion.Just remember that no matter WHAT you have, it’s not likely permanent or serious. But some things can be very funky in the short term (especially Bell’s). Just get back to the doctor with all of your symptoms, and if that doesn’t work, go to an ER if you have to.Don’t worry about insurance or money or any of that stuff. GET SOME HELP! And do it without panicking. Because worry makes things worse than they have to be; never better.Hugs, and good luck, punkin’!!
I am 36 years old and having two male children.One is ten years old,whose Penis is extremely small.?
Q: The sex organ(Penis) of my younger child is normal.Even mine is normal in size..I am worried about his future life. Can he enjoy his married life in future? Can anything done right now such as cosmetic or plastic surgery ?Can any medicine in Homeopathic can help? I read from some magazine that zinc containing medicine helps to boost the size of Penis.Is it true? If it is,what are the medicines or health drink you recommend.We live in India. Can anybody help please?
A: What does your age and your son’s age have to do with this question? And as for penis size, CONSULT your doctor (if you are telling the truth) and he will inform you if your fears are just!
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