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What is the melting point of Zinc

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The melting point is 692.68 K (419.53 degrees C, 787.15 degrees F). ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-melting-point-of-zinc ]
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What is the melting point of zinc?
Zinc also burns inair with a bright bluish green flame giving off fumes of zinc oxide. Zinc reacts readily with aacids, alkalis and other non-metals.
What is the melting point of zinc chloride
The melting point of zinc chloride is 275 degrees C. ChaCha!
What is Zinc’s boiling point and melting point??
The melting point of zinc is 692.7K. The boiling point of zinc is 1180K. These values are so high because zinc atoms are held together by strong metallic bonds.

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What is the melting and boiling point of zinc in celsius?
Q: Help..again!!!
A: M.Pt=419ºC, B.Pt=906ºC
What is the expected melting point?
Q: Addition of 0.454g of zinc chloride to 3.33g of water lowers the melting point by 5.2°C. Calculate the expected melting point for this mixture. *5.58°C *3.72°C *-3.72°C *-5.58°C
A: The solubility of Zinc chloride in water is very high (432 g/100 mL at 25 °C) so it is reasonable to dissolve 0.454g of Zinc chloride in 3.33g of water.The molality of the solution can be calculated as moles per kg:0.454 g / 136.315 g/mol = 0.00333 moles of ZnCl23.33 g of water is 0.00333 kg0.00333 moles of ZnCl2 / 0.00333 kg = 1.00 mSince the cryoscopic constant for water is 1.86 °C·kg/mol and 3 ions are produced, the freezing point depression isdelta T = – 1.86 °C·kg/mol * 3 * 1.00 mol/kg= -5.58 °C
what is the melting,freezing,and boiling point of zinc?
A: joseandmoni94,Melting and freezing points would be the same thing.Melting point 692.68°K (419.53°C, 787.15°F) Boiling point 1180°K (907°C, 1665°F) Hope that helped!
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