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What is the symbol for zinc on the periodic table

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Zinc’s symbol is Zn, Atomic number: 30, Atomic weight: 65.409, Standard state: solid at 298 K, Group in periodic table: 12. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-symbol-for-zinc-on-the-periodic-table ]
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What is zincs symbol on the periodic table?
・ Name: Zinc ・ Symbol: Zn ・ Atomic number: 30 ・ Atomic weight: 65.409 (4) ・ Group in periodic table: 12 ・ Period in periodic table: 4 ・ Block in periodic table: d-block
What do the symbols Cr and Zn stand for on the periodic table?
The symbol Cr stands for Chromium and the symbol Zn stands for Zinc. ChaCha!

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chemistry quiz questions?
Q: ok so here is the deal. my teacher wants us to answer questions before he starts every chapter before he goes over it. he gives quizzes just to see if we know it before he starts teaching it to us, why i really don’t know, but he gives us 2 extra points if we do good on it. the prob is, i don’t know them, and he told us we did not need the book for the class. i posted the test, could you help me out with this? thanks.Match the element with the region of the periodic table to which it belongs. You may need to look up the elemental symbol. A periodic table is available here: http://www.dayah.com/periodic/You may want to use your text or Google to find the symbol for each element if you do not know itYou can use A-G multiple times A. alkali metals B. transition metals C. alkaline earth metals D. lanthanides E. halogens F. actinides G. noble gases What through A-G are these?1. iodine 2. sodium3.neon 4.lanthanum 5.calcium6.chromium7.uranium 8. bromine 9. silver10.magnesium 11 krypton 12 gold13 zinc14 potassium15 fluorine 16 helium 17 lithium 18 iron19 copper20. Actinium yeah ok i figured it out. but thanks so much DR buzz. i get it now
A: 1. iodine — E2. sodium — A3.neon — G4.lanthanum — D5.calcium — C6.chromium — B7.uranium — F8. bromine — E9. silver — B10.magnesium — C11 krypton — G12 gold — B13 zinc — B14 potassium — A15 fluorine — E16 helium — G17 lithium — A18 iron — B19 copper — B20. Actinium — FHope that helped!
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