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What is the white stuff out of white heads

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Whiteheads are acne lesions that form when oil and skin cells block the opening of a hair follicle. For this reason, whiteheads are called “closed comedones.” ChaCha again soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-white-stuff-out-of-white-heads ]
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My friends oscar fish has this white fuzzy stuff on his head.What…?
It is one of two things, Columnaris or fungus. The best way to tell them apart is that columnaris always grows in a very round circular spot while fungus rarely does. Columnaris is also pearly or opalescent white while fungus is a flatter, …
Is the White Stuff on the Rim of My Head Cum?
Well, recently I decided to pull my foreskin back over-top my “little head.” It was a little painful and weird feeling. I admit, I have masturbated before, quite frequently, and when I pulled my foreskin over, there was what seeme…
When i scratch my head, i get white stuff under my nails, what co…?
Sounds like you have dandruff. There are different types of dandruff. Some people have a very dry scalp, and have small dry flakes of dandruff visible on their hair and clothing. The other type of dandruff is caused by a fungal infection. T…

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What’s the white stuff that comes out of an ear pit?
Q: I have an ear pit. It’s a little hole on the front top of my ear just below where my ear is attached to my head. Non smelly white stuff comes out, sort a chalky paste. My wife squeezes it out for me, she loves it, hilarious. Sometimes there’s just a little,a couple millimeters, sometimes up to almost a centimeter, sometimes just clear liquid. I’m stumped. I have three kidneys too, is this related?
A: You may have an obstructed oil gland. When it backs up and can’t get out naturally, it turns white and thickens. I had this for years where a bra strap was on my shoulder. It is a nuisance but not dangerous. Just Nature’s way of telling you you’re not perfect yet!
there is white stuff growing on the heads of my fishes, what is it??
Q: i recently got back from holiday, and when i got back the fish tank water was green and stunk out the room. the fish have white stuff growing on their heads, above their noses (if you can call it that). what is it?
A: It’s either a fungal infection or a bacterial infection. Fungus is a secondary infection to an injury, so if you know they scraped or injured themselves, then I’d say it’s that. But, sounds like there’s more then 1 fish with it, so I’d say it’s a bacterial infection called Columnaris. It commonly shows up in tanks with poor water quality. Do a good water change, and if you have access to an antibiotic like Maracyn Two I’d use that. Since you mention “holiday” I’m guessing you’re not from the US 🙂 If you’re from England, I don’t think you can purchase antibiotics at the store there, have to get it from a vet. Anyway, here’s a link that explains most likely what they have:http://www.flippersandfins.net/flexibacter.htm.
White stuff comes out the sides of nose, why?
Q: I have very open pores, and oily skin, and white stuff comes out the sides of my nose and cheeks, like black heads but they are white. Its not pimples. And my face usually has a red color. Ive tried many face washes, and toners, and moisturizers. The best thing so far is the apricot scrub, but it fails to eliminate the white stuff from coming out the face. What is it, where does it come from, what is it called, and how can I stop it from happening. Im thinking its an internal thing, to do with the stomach or something, but im not sure.
A: It may just be dead skin or rough skin.
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