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What is Zeno for acne

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Zeno is a hand-held electronic acne treatment device which is supposed to treat individual pimples with heat and moisture. Nobody who has reviewed it isn’t also trying to sell it, making it sound like a scam to me. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-zeno-for-acne ]
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Zeno acne treatment…does it work?
I used to have sooo much problem with acne until i tried out clear pores, its so much better than proactiv. nothing else was working for me except clear pores. its awesome
Does zeno acne work?
On One Hand: Zeno Works on Mild Acne According to an FDA-reviewed clinical trial conducted by the makers of Zeno, the product eliminates 90 percent of mild acne within one day of being used. The trial also indicates that all pimples, blemis…
Zeno Acne Clearing Device – Do I Need To Use It?
This device is simple to use and is also extremely convenient as it can be carried around. When you see a pimple appearing on your face the next time all you need is to apply you Zeno acne clearing device to make sure that you have clear sk…

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What is your opinion on the Zeno Acne Remover?
Q: If you have it:Does it work?Is it worth the money?Please don’t respond with, “Oh it looks fake!” or “Neutrogena blah blah blah is better.” I already have a face wash that works fine for me, but i would like to know more about it.
A: OH MY GODI have to tell you about this babeI bought the light blue oneIt took six hours to charge.I got it in California with sales tax at a Walgreens for $160 or so.I got it for my 14th birthday and it came with an included tray of 60 uses (you have to buy several replacements as you use the Zeno)It has been working fine and its been about a year.It helps open the clogged pore, but it does involve multiple treatments.However, it is the most effective, quickest way to remove zits fast on the market.Its got sixty uses ready to go, a charger, and the actual remover-One refill cartridge for 60 uses can be around $40 or so.160-40= 120Charger replacement is around $20120-20= 100That means the actual ZENO is about a hundred dollars.If used very often, its only going to last… a year maybe?I love the way it feels, and it makes them disappear.I think its worth it and it does come in handy when its two days till prom and you have a giant zit in the middle of your forehead.TAKE THAT NEUTROGENA!Kidding hahahFor regular cleansing use a acne wash, but zeno is for single zits, large usually, and for very quick and easy fixes.Hope this helped.
Zeno acne product?!?
Q: does zeno work for existing acne pimples, or ones that did not come out yet? What r ur opinions on this product, if you have it. Because i am thinking of buying it, but since it is expensive, i wanna understand it first. thankss
A: It only works for some people. Sorry.
Zeno ance clearing device?
Q: Is the Zeno Acne Clearing Device worth the money? How long before the blemish dissappears? What exactly does it do? I know its a lot, but thanks a bunch for your help! : )
A: I just bought a Zeno last night. It is defective so I have to return it later, and I’m not sure if I will even get another one. The information I read inside is why.It only works on small, red bumps that have just shown up.It does not work on:blackheadswhiteheadsred pimples with puss showingunder-the-skin pimplesIt also does not work unless you use it at the first sign of a pimple . . .but that’s almost impossible to do because it only works on one type of pimple and when one is just starting, you have no idea which type it is.Also, it has to charge for 6 hours and only runs 3 treatments in a row before shutting itself off. So, if you need to treat more than three spots, you’re out of luck.When you buy Zeno, it comes with 60 treatment tips. Replacements after that cost $25 per box.So, now that I have all the info and know the prices, I feel like it isn’t worth it. Of course, they all come with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you could always get one and try for yourself.
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