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What is Zinc Fluoride used for

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Zinc Fluoride is a water insoluble Zinc source for use in oxygen-sensitive applications, such as metal production. ChaCha 24/7! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-zinc-fluoride-used-for ]
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What is zinc fluoride?
( ′ziŋk ′flu̇r′īd ) (inorganic chemistry) ZnF2 A toxic white powder that is slightly soluble in water and melts at 872°C; used in enamels, ceramic glazes, and galvanizing.

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Help on Homework! Chemistry Subject 10pts !!?
Q: 1.alance them : _C6 H12 O6  _C2 H5 OH + _CO2 2.What type of reaction is # one?3.Combining different metal with Hydrochloric Acid ( HCl (aq) ) Student one use zinc and hydrochloric gas is produced and Student two use copper and no hydrogen is produced. By using Activity Series based on hydrogen standard identify a metal that will react with Hydrochloric acid  Hydrogen gas 4.a) What reaction is this formula : 2 H2O  2 H2 + O2 b) how does this formula show law of conservation of mass?5.a) How many parts per million of fluoride ions are present in analyzed sample?b) What is the chemical formula for tin (II) fluoride?c) Is the balanced Tin (II) fluoride safe to drink?6.What is the total number of moles of O2 produced when 8 moles of H2O is completely comsumed?7.200 grams of H2O at temperature 60° C prepare saturated solution of potassium chloride (KCI).a)identify the soluteb)Using Solubility Curves of Solute per 100g of H2O (g),How many grams of KCl to create this sat. solution
A: 1.) C6 H12 O6= 2 C2 H5 OH + 2 CO2
Extreme chem challenge!!!!…. =p?
Q: 1) can you name this following compound?- SeO4 – Se – HSe -HSeO32) classify each of the following as a pure substance or a mixture; if its a mixture, indicate wheter its heterogenous or if its homogenous: – air -water -magnesium – gasoline – sand3) write the chemical formula for each substance mentioned in the following word description (just enumerate)- calcium hypochlorite is used in some bleaching solutions- zinc carbonate can be heated to form zinc oxide and carbon dioxide- perchloric acid reacts with cadmium to form cadmium (II) perchlorate- tin (II) fluoride hasbeen used as fluoride additive in toothpaste- sulfur dioxide reacts with water to form sulfurous acid…That’s all 3 questions…. it tooks 10 minutes for me to solve this……hehehehe… what about you? just give me the answers!
A: not too sure of spellings1)SeO4(selenate ion)it should have a charge of 2-Se is Selenium.HSe(HydroSelenide ion)should have a charge of 1-HSeO3(BiSelenite ion or hydrogen selenite ion)should have a charge of 2-2)air-homogeneous mixture of various gases(N2,O2,CO2,H2O vapor,noble gases)water-compound(pure substance).made of Hydrogen and oxygen chemically combined in a fixed proportion by mass.magnesium-pure substance-elementgasoline-homogeneous mixture of various organic hydrocarbon liquids.sand-the sand you are referring to is Silicon dioxide,it is a compound(pure substance).3)Ca(OCl)2-calcium hypochloriteZnCO3-zinc carbonateHClO4-perchloric acidSnF2-tin fluorideSO2-sulfur dioxide
Can swishing around calcium and zinc tablets in my mouth help remineralize and strengthen my teeth?
Q: Occasionally I dissolve a little piece of a calcium tablet along with a zinc tablet in my mouth and swish it around like a mouth wash for 5 to 10 minutes to strengthen my teeth. It feels like it does strengthen my teeth, but I’m not sure what it is really doing. If I am experiencing a little pain in my teeth, this seems to help a lot and helps every time. These pills are mineral supplements and they are not the chewable type, so have no sugar or flavorings. Does this really help to remineralize my teeth? I also rinse my mouth with Act mouth wash, which my dentist recommends and they claim it helps to remineralize the teeth(just due to the fluoride in Act). I brush twice a day, floss, go to the dentist regularly for cleanings, use mouthwash and do everything else, so I am not advocating using this to replace brushing and flossing. Does this really help my teeth?
A: Once the teeth are formed and erupted in the mouth, calcium and other minerals like zinc will not be absorbed by the enamel. The Act will re mineralize the teeth. Good question tho.
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