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What is zink

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Zinc is a shiny, silver metal that is not very malleabel or ductile. it is commonly used in the manufacture of US pennies. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-zink ]
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Zinc is a metal that is used to make alloys, as a conductor in electronics, and is even used in the human body. It is usually extracted from ores. For more information, look here: http://periodic.lanl.gov/elements/30.html
ZINK Technology is the “magic” behind the ZINK Paper and the world’s first ink free printing solution. The Paper is an advanced composite material with cyan, yellow, and magenta dye crystals embedded inside, and a protective polym…
Zinc is a shiny, silver metal that is not very malleabel or ductile. it is commonly used in the manufacture of US pennies. ChaCha!

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What is the best form of zink as a vitamin?
Q: I want to take zink as a vitamin. There are so many forms of zink on the shelf, which one is the best?
A: Zinc is not a vitamin, it is a mineral that you can supplement. Do not take more than 100mg of zinc daily. 100mg can enhance the immune system response, but doses of more than 100mg can depress the immune system. The easiest forms of zinc are available in tablet or lozenge.
The plug in my bathroom zink is stuck. What is the best way to get it up? Is there a trick?
Q: The handle behind the tap is out of action and the plug is stuck at the bottom position. I have tried tape and hairpin.
A: Underneath the sink is a rod on the back of the pipe, pull it down and it should pop the drain plug up.
Work out the work done by an electron, getting free of the surface of the zink?
Q: This is about photoeffect. The longes wave of the light, which makes photoeffect happen, is 3 • 10^-7 m long.I may have a clue what to use, but I am not sure how:hυ = A + mv2/2.(where h is the constant of Plank; v – the frequency of the light)Please help! Thank you.
A: Yes, you have the equation. The kinetic energy of the electron is equal to the energy of the photon minus the work required to get the electron out.The energy of the photon is:Ephoton = h nu = hc / lambdaSo the energy of the photo-electron is:Eelectron = hc / lambda – phiSolve for the work function (the work required to get the electron out):phi = Eelectron – hc / lambdaSo you are missing information. You know hc = 1240 eV-nm. They give you the wavelength (lambda). But you need the energy of the electron or the speed or something like that to calculate the answer.–You need to be careful with your equations. The v in your equation is the speed, not the frequency, which is u in your equation. You should use f or the greek letter nu (which looks like a curly v) for frequency. You don’t want to confuse it with speed.
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