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What kind of foods have alot of Zinc, IN it

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Oysters, bran flakes cereal, peanut butter, oatmeal, shellfish, pine nuts, pecans, liver, cashews, and eggs are all rich in zinc! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-kind-of-foods-have-alot-of-zinc%2C-in-it ]
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What kind of foods have alot of Zinc, IN it
Oysters, bran flakes cereal, peanut butter, oatmeal, shellfish, pine nuts, pecans, liver, cashews, and eggs are all rich in zinc!
What kinds of foods have zinc and vitamin B
Foods with zinc include calf’s liver, mushrooms and spinach. Foods high in B vitamins are: cereal, whole grains, and liver.

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Did You Know That NUTRIENT DENSE RED MEAT IS EXACTLY What Your Heart Needs?
Q: Did you know red meat is exactly what your heart needs. WHY would anyone recommend not eating it? Did you know your heart NEEDS nutrient dense food and guess what? – Red meat is the MOST nutrient dense food known to man. Red meat is the MOST NUTRITIOUS FOOD KNOWN TO HUMAN KIND.Red meat has been eaten since the Stone Age with great benefit and it did NOT cause CHDRed meat containsCo-enzyme 10 (it powers the heart)Omega 3 fatt acidsSaturated fatty acidsProlineTaurineCarnitine CarnosineCreatineCarnineMagnesiumSeleniumIronZincAll B vitaminsand that’s just for starters.The Cholesterol Theory is not supported by the results of randomized clinical trials.Red meat has NEVER increased CHD mortality or icidence in randomized clinical dietary intervention trials.CONFRONT your doctor , he /she has alot of explaining to do !
A: Here’s to your Rants, Raz!! I second your opinion 100%!the government’s cholesterol theory on red meats is simply this: To control the world population the government first has to control the food. To control the food the government must control those growers of the food. This they have done with crop foods. But they cannot get the Beef and Lamb farmers and ranchers to come to the table and give over their independence!! So they are trying like crazy to make people quit eating red meat! This will bankrupt most farmers and ranchers who raise this meat eventually. Then the government will own the last segment of the American food industry also. Therefore, they will control all the food and so control the populace!!Conspiracy theory??? I think not! I am one of those American ranchers who is trying to make a living selling RED MEAT!!! and yes, I am being told by my doctors to eat fish and chicken rather than my red meat!! I have to purchase that mercury laden and bird flu prone junk??? when I have a freezer full of good red meat??Doctors only tell what they have been taught. They only take 6 hours of nutrition and other dietary classes in undergraduate school!!! The poor things just don’t know any better.
Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Q: Okay you dont have to read through the whole entire essay i know its long, but i need help on creating a concluding paragraph. have any ideas? Thanks alot!! Throughout history a diverse collection of cultures have discovered a numerous amount of crops such as maize, sweet potatoes and pumpkins! Did you know that the Native Americans of North America congregated the Spanish at the Rio En Grande River and, offered pumpkin seeds as a peace offering. Maize was primarily planted by the Native Americans by which they planted in a conglomerate system, known as the three sisters. Sweet potatoes were initially grown in Peru but over time they made their way throughout the world specifically in parts of Asia, where precisely ninety percent of the crops are grown. For years experts have assumed that the people of North America used the slash-and-burn agriculture as well as many other farming techniques in order to cultivate these specific crops.The pumpkin was one of the many foods used by the Native American culture as they entered into the new world. Not only was the pumpkin used for feeding aspirations but, also for purposes such as constructing mats which were created by drying strips of pumpkin which were then wove together using string. Pumpkins were also a significant component when droughts occurred considering the fact that they could be easily dried and stored. According to the Cultivation of the U.S approximately 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins, are produced each year, making it the largest crop in the United States! Pumpkins are considered to be a fruit; as a result ninety percent of a pumpkin is water. They are also loaded with an antioxidant known as Beta Corotene which helps improve one’s immune system. Pumpkins are also a prominent part of a healthy diet due to the fact that it subsists of calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, selenium, niccin, folate and vitamins A, C, and E. Maize as we know today would not exist if it were not for the people of North America. Experts believe that the people of Mexico discovered corn 7,000 years ago! From Mexico maize spread into an abounding number of regions such as Peru and Southwestern United States. The Indians utilized corn in many different ways. For example, during one point in history corn was used as money in order to trade for meats and different kinds of animal furs. Early settlers grinded corn into meal, which they used to make corn bread, corn soup, corn cakes, and corn pudding. Eventually, corn was transformed using special cultivation techniques. Corn is essentially a type of seed which comes from a wild plant known as teosinte. Corn subsists of a large amount of carbohydrates vitamins B and C, as well as proteins. As you may know corn is a component of the three sisters. What exactly is the concept of the three sisters? The three sisters are the three main crops of the Native American regions, which are known as maize, beans and squash.Sweet potatoes are a Native American plant that were used as the preeminent source of nourishment during the time of Christopher Columbus and the Revolutionary war. Sweet potatoes are an extremely nutritious vegetable; it contains calcium, potassium, vitamins A, and C and also proteins! Sweet potatoes were cultivated in the region of Peru as early as 750 B.C, when Columbus arrived6 minutes ago – 4 days left to answer. Additional Detailsi know this isnt the appropritate section but i figured most people visit it .in other words i need an ending paragraphin other words i need an ending paragraph
A: talk about how today, it is a popular food especially for holidays and how they always will remain popular because they are healthy, plantable, etc. -Lay off on the exclamations, its a little too much.
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