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What kind of lotion is best for getting rid of acne

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Proactiv helps heal and prevent acne. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-kind-of-lotion-is-best-for-getting-rid-of-acne ]
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What kind of lotion is best for getting rid of acne
Proactiv helps heal and prevent acne.

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What is the best body wash or lotion to help reduce the appearance of minor acne scars?
Q: Acne has never been a huge issue for me, but for the time it was, it was mainly on my chest and upper back. There are only minor small round scars there, but they haven’t much diminished. I’d kind of like to get rid of them. Is there a body wash or lotion (lotion that wont STICK to my clothes) that will help reduce these scars? Thanks.
A: Acne is produced because of the reaction of sebum and bacteria that produces infection. So you need to stop that bacteria, and for acne scars, if you don’t have acne anymore. You can take an acne scar treatment that can improve mild scarring, some skin care products that take care of post-inflammatory changes, which are early acne scars. The redness can take up to 6 to 12 months, the post inflammatory red changes are normal to be there because they are part of the natural healing process of your skin and after no more acne pimples or lesions develop in that area, the skin will be completely healed.
What’s the best thing to get rid of acne for me????
Q: i now know that it matters on wut type of skin you have so ill tell you my kind of skin: it’s oily, its pale, it both freckles and tans……… i live in vegas so the air is VERY dry and hot so i have to use lotion otherwise my skin will get flaky… i hope thats the right info about my skin, so if anyone has that type of skin and got the acne cured on it, wut did u use??ALS MY SKIN IS KINDA SENSITIVEi meant to write ‘also’ in the last detail i wrote, not ‘als’
A: Nononono. Don’t buy cream or anything.I have had the same problem. My skin is reaaaaaalllly sensitive. Proactive Solution does work to an extent. The best working product by them is the mask..BUT WHAT YOU SHOULD DO IS..see a local dermatologist, AND ask about Acutane.It’s a practically harmless pill. I had pretty severe acne, but within 4 months, i am acne free. The only downfall, is it will cause chapped lips if you don’t keep them moist, and as long as you use lotion your skin shouldn’t get to dry.I promise, the visit and the medication is a million times better than anything else you can purchase, and in the long run, ends up cheaper. Especially if you have insurance, with our insurance, Anthem, It only costs 10 dollars, regularly 100 and something.Good luck!
Drying lotions (or methods) for acne?
Q: I have several large pimples and I want to dry them up ( I was told this is what I should do). I was wondering what kind of drying lotion or method is best. I have some Sanitas (expensive organicish stuff) drying lotion. Should I just use this or does anyone know a better way to get rid of these?
A: Hmm.Toothpaste, leave a small bit on the pimple but don’t rub it in. Keep the toothpaste on while you sleep. This should dry it some.If the area around your acne (forehead) is dry, you should try the “Clean & Clear Morning Burst Cleanser” it drys up oily skin and pimples most of the time.Good luck!
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