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What kind of vitamin is zinc

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Zinc: A mineral essential to the body, zinc is a constituent of many enzymes that permit chemical reactions to proceed….MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-kind-of-vitamin-is-zinc ]
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What kinds of foods are high in Zinc and vitamin b?
Asparagus and pumpkin seeds have zinc. Vitamin B is in whole grains, such as wheat and oats, fish & seafood, poultry & meats MORE?

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How do zinc lozenges reduce duration and severity of the cold?
Q: Why is it that the only way for the zinc lozenge to be effective is to be taken through the mucous membrane when talking about treatment of colds? Why don’t zinc tablets like the kind found in vitamin supplements have any effect as the lozenge does? By what mechanism does zinc take in the treatment of the common cold?
A: Zinc lozenges taken orally can help with the severity and duration of colds. They worked for me, anyway. It gives your body a “jump-start” of vitamins and boosts your immune system.
I think my husband sperm is low and what kind of vitamins could he take?
Q: Ok he is a painter and i know this could affect his fertility issues. Ok so what vitamis could be good. I heard of Zinc but were could i purchase them and how do they look? Could Zinc also work for me?
A: You have to be careful with zinc because too much can be toxic. I read that around 15mg a day is plenty and I actually just bought my hubby a centrum multivitamin the other day with 15mg of zinc in it. If your TTC, you should already be taking a prenatal vitamin which provides you with all the vitamins and minerals you need, especially the folic acid. Add:: I also read that the zinc helps to increase production and motility, but a low count is a low count.
What Kind of Vitamins…?
Q: I recently have found out that my body doesn’t like Protein Enzymes. I had to cut out meat from my diet, but I can not take vitamins with Zinc or Iron. What is the best vitamin for me to take?
A: re: above. WestonPrice is an anti soy anti vegetarian propaganda group that supports eating lots of fat, animals and drinking raw milk. They’ve written a letter to the new President equating soy served to prison inmates with torture and medical experiments. One of the founders is one of the most sickly looking people I’ve ever seen in my life. She admits she is on the fringe when it comes to dietitians. I’ve been vegetarian for most of my life, and am in outstanding health, as are millions of others across the country. . Take anything they say with a tiny grain of salt. I suppose next week they may be telling us that baby cows need raw human breast milk to be healthy. Give me a break. Consult a dietitian or doctor with regard to your health and diet. It’s too important to rely on answers in a yahoo answer page, people you don’t know with motives you’re unsure of, or some nutty website– which there are many thousands that will drive you crazy with conflicting advice..
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