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What medication stops bleeding

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A:In someone who has a severe bleeding disorder, like hemophilia, there are clotting factor medications that can help stop bleeding. Some of these meds are called factor VIII & factor IX. A hormone injection called desmopressin might help too. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-medication-stops-bleeding ]
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Which is the best instant medication to stop bleeding from minor …?
Hi there, There is no medication on the market which stops bleeding…minor or major. With a small, minor cut, the bodies defence mechanism will automatically cause clotting in the wound (eventually a ‘scab’) within minutes and the bleeding…
Where can I purchase adrenaline chloride, avitene, or any similar…?
Alum works great. Stings a little. Available at pharmacy. Very safe.
How to compare Duphaston Stop Vaginal Bleeding Medication pharmac…?
Visit the Best Pharmacies page, there you will find a selection of websites where you can buy the best Duphaston Stop Vaginal Bleeding Medication online . Compare prices, shipping options and payment alternatives, select the on line pharmac…

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should i be on a medication to stop the bleeding – my sister had it so i know it exists?
Q: my daughter is 7 weeks tomorrow. i hemmoraged after her birth which corrected itself and then again when she was 10 days old. it was severe and required a d & c. the dr told me i would have bleeding similar to a period after that (in amount, consistency and duration) but it went on for another 2 1/2 weeks. it dwindled, only coming when i nursed the last 5 days or so. then it stopped for 2 weeks. my hubby and i attempted to fool around – no sex, just fooling around. the first time was like a horror movie. he was using his fingers for a while – it didnt hurt (i didnt tear) and then we turned on the lights. blood everywhere. it stopped immediately after stopping. we tried again a week later and this time we knew to leave the lights on. within minutes, there was blood again so we stopped again. a week later, i started spotting so i thought since it had been 4 weeks since having my d & c that it was my first period, but it never got heavier, stayed bright red and was inconsistent. that was almost 2 weeks ago. and im still spotting. im going to the dr on monday so i will talk to her about it obviously, but im getting frustrated and in all honestly to put it bluntly i wanna get laid (lol). and since the dr said i woudlnt bleed the normal 4-6 weeks because of the d & c, im a little concerned about whats up. i know theres some sort of medication you can get to stop the bleeding when it lingers or is too heavy (my sister got it when she was still bleeding after 8 weeks and i was offered it for my first period after my son was born as it was extremely heavy and painful). do you think thats what i need?
A: I also bled after my first – 10 weeks straight…They may try hormone therapy first…Then they may try another d&c…Sort of depends on your doctor.I don’t know if they will give you that medicine to stop thebleeding at this late date, but they might.Since I had trouble after the first, they went ahead and gaveit to me in the hospital right after my second’s birth.But I think each doc is different.Good Luck.
menstrual problems for more than a month?
Q: I have been on my period since March 26 it has probably stoped for 5days but on it again my gny have me medication to stop bleeding, but no better results. What Can it be?
A: Could it be PCOS. See a better gynae a more experienced one pls.If u keep bleeding u can lose alot alot of blood. Last year happened to me for more than a month.I freaked out and got into a state of panic.My gynae got me metmorphin to regulate the hormones and it was so much better.So don’t waste time because ur haemoglobin level would go down tremendously if u keep bleeding.After u solve this problem go for a blood check as well and get some iron tablets to boost up ur blood level.Get well soon.
4 weeks of bleeding, ttc is it ever going to happen?
Q: hey, ive been bleeding for 4 weeks now, been to my doc and had sti tests which were all negative, been put on 2 types of medication to stop the bleeding completly, he suggested birth control but im trying to conceive, what do i do?
A: Unfortunately I don’t think there’s much you can do other than wait while the doctor investigates and treats the bleeding. See how the current medications work and if not you could try birth control, see if it works to stop it then talk to the doctor about when you can stop taking it because you are TTC. Also make sure they are trying to find out why you are bleeding not just stopping it.
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