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What metals is a penny made of

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97.5 percent zinc and 2.5 percent copper (copper-plated zinc). ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-metals-is-a-penny-made-of ]
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What metals are pennies made of?
It was all copper. Then they switched to 1% copper 99% zinc
Could this be a real rare penny made of a light metal??
I doubt it, but I would have to see an image of the coin to tell you for sure what you do have. If you can get it weighed on a gram scale that would help as well. There were no Lincoln cents minted by the US Mint that looked basically diffe…
Why do you think pennies are no longer made from only copper meta…?
Because zinc is cheap. The scrap value of old pre-zinc pennies is substantially more than $0.01 each. If pennies were still made of copper, then scrap metal dealers could make money just by going to the bank, buying all of the pennies, and …

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What type of metal is a modern penny made of?
A: Pennies are made of zinc but are electroplated with copper. In other words, the core of the penny is zinc, but the outter skin is made of copper.
What is a penny made of?
Q: For those who think this is an easy question. It’s not made of copper but does have copper cladding. Pennies were made of copper at one time but the copper is worth more than the penny so it’s made from a different metal now.
A: Years / Mass / Diameter / Composition1864 to 1942 / 3.11 g / 19 mm / 95.0% Copper and 5.0% Zinc & Tin (bronze mix)1943 / 2.70 g / 19 mm / Steel with Zinc coating1944 to 1946 / 3.11 g / 19 mm / 95.0% Copper and 5.0% Zinc & Tin (bronze mix)1947 to 1962 / 3.11 g / 19 mm / 95.0% Copper and 5.0% Zinc & Tin (bronze mix)1963 to 1982 / 3.11 g / 19 mm / 95.0% Cu and 5.0% Zinc1983-Present / 2.50 g / 19 mm / 97.5% Zinc and 2.5% Copper (20% lighter)
What metal are Irish Pre-decimal Penny coins made out of?
Q: I think it’s either brass or copper, but I cannot tell.Here’s a picture of an uncirculated coin:http://homepage.eircom.net/~andrewjl/IRI…Any help is appreciated.Thanks!
A: They’re bronze, a copper alloy.
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