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What products can you use to make your hair grow faster

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A diet of foods rich in vitamin A, B, C and especially E are all essential, and foods rich in iron and zinc encourage hair growth. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-products-can-you-use-to-make-your-hair-grow-faster ]
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What products can you use to make your hair grow faster
A diet of foods rich in vitamin A, B, C and especially E are all essential, and foods rich in iron and zinc encourage hair growth.
Is there any home products i can use to make my hair grown faster…?
well, u cn increase the density of ur hair or increase the length of time it stays on ur scalp, but i dont know bhow to grow it faster.anyways, making a logical assumption of ur question, i wud advise u to use a misture of lemon,honey and o…
Is Biotin A Good Product To Use For Trying To Make My Hair Grow L…?
Biotin has some good feedback from people that use it. It will also make your nails grow faster.

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What type of supplements, shampoos etc. can you use to make your hair grow faster?
Q: I have made the decision that I want long hair but I want to make sure I take care of it properly. I need supplements and products that keep it strong and healthy while hopefully making it grow and bit quicker. Thanks!
A: There is nothing out there that will speed up the RATE of your hair growth but you can take some supplements and take proper care of your hair to make it stronger. Your rate at which your hair grows is based mostly on genetics and a little on your health and age . On average hair grows anywhere from 1/2 inch to 1 inch per month. You can increase the chances of your hair getting long by keeping it healthy. Here are some of my favorite tips: The 5 best things that you can do to make your hair grow faster and healthier are listed below: 1. Take a daily multi vitamin followed with biotin. Biotin is great for your hair and nails. No need to waste money on prenatal vitamins. This is all you need. 2. Massage your scalp everyday. To massage, simply use the pads of the tips of your fingers to get the correct results. You can massage from 5 – 10 minutes each time. It’s best when you have someone else massage your scalp, but doing it yourself is still very helpful. Both of these will increase the blood flow or circulation to your scalp. When blood circulates it delivers nutrients. The more nutrients that reach your scalp, the healthier your scalp will be. The healthier your scalp, the healthier your hair will be, and the faster it will grow. After all, what good is long hair if it is not healthy? 3. Eat a well balanced and healthful diet. Eating right, combined with good blood circulation to your scalp will make your hair not only grow faster and fuller, but also healthier. 4. Stay away from scissors-happy stylists. Find a stylist that appreciates long hair. Get trims when your hair needs it. The purpose of a trim is to remove damaged hair tips, not to give you something to do every 6 or 8 weeks. Your hair only needs to be trimmed when you get split ends, and/or breakage. If you do not have any damage 6 weeks or 6 months after your last trim, then you do not need another trim. For those who are looking to get as much growth as possible in a limited amount of time, add this to your trimming routine: you do not have to cut a straight line across the bottom of your ends every time you get a trim. You can simply trim only the part of the hair that is damaged. Not all of your strands of hair will have damage. This will make trimming take longer, but will insure that you get the maximum healthy growth that’s possible. 5. Last, be gentle to your hair. This will help reduce split ends and breakage, which will lessen the number of hairs that need to be trimmed and the length of trim on those which are trimmed. Treat your locks like fine lace. Try not to expose your hair to unnecessary stresses like blow drying, hot curling irons, coloring, perming, blowing in blustery winds and excessive twisting.
where can you buy stuff to make your hair grow longer faster?
Q: i was just wondering where you can get stuff to use to make your hair grow longer faster. Also what products you can get?? If you can even suggest products that arent that much money than that can help too. im not talking hair regrowth either.please hurry with results because i am looking forward for this to help me soon.
A: check the links below for natural homemade beauty tips to:– How can you get a faster hair growthhttp://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-gnA4Lmo_b7TZZTuzQA–?cq=1&p=20
What kind of products can you use on your hair to make it grow faster?
Q: Preferably without destroying my hair in the process, please!
A: You can do several things to help hair growth. The best is to take some vitamin E or increase vitamin E in your diet. Also scalp massage, getting regular trims, and some people swear by using horse shampoo and conditioner (gives you silky and shiney hair).
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