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What products dry out your skin

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Many acne care products will dry your skin. Any product that contains alcohol will dry skin. Use and oil free moisturizer to combat dry skin. Thanks for doing the ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-products-dry-out-your-skin ]
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What product dries out the skin?
Rubbing alcohol dries out skin, but be warned it can stimulate acne
Why are Eucerin Dry Skin products fragrance-free?
Irritant dermatitis is a condition that causes skin to react to a particular irritant in a product. The most common irritants are fragrances, which are found in many skin, hair care and cleansing products. Since fragrances are the most comm…
How to Clear Acne and Dry Skin with One Product
・ 1 About 6 months ago I was suffering from what I believe to have been moderate to severe psoriasis on… ・ 2 Wash your face with your favorite facial cleanser twice daily. ・ 3 Apply a thin coating of maximum strength Cortaid after washing…

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what is the best skin care product that wont dry your skin out?
A: This is a great organic product that works really well….http://bit.ly/SkinBotanicaPlus Free shipping on orders over $49
What is a good facewash to use that doesnt dry out your skin (which exact product/brand?)?
Q: proactive seems to reallllly clear my skin up nicely, but i notice that my skin gets very dry after, even after i apply moisturizer. most of clean and clear’s products do the same ! wondering if there are any out there that really work to help me keep clear skin thats not all dried out though! lol
A: If you want to keep using Proactiv I recommend just switching the moisturizer, bc you dont wanna switch to something else when Proactiv obviously works for you! I used Proactiv & it worked, but when I ran out my skin broke out again! & I know from experience that their moisturizer sucks for ppl with dry skin. I recommend you use Olay Complete Moisturizer for sensitive skin. You can get it at any drugstore, I recommend Wal*Mart they have the best price for it!Do your regular wash routine with Proactiv & apply the Olay moisturizer after. Dont tone everyday & dont even use the Proactiv moisturizer. If you tone your skin everyday it will definitely dry your skin out. You only need to tone once or twice a week bc it is very strong! I also recommend Olay 7 in 1 effects moisturizer, its pricier but it is so creamy & it is good for sensitive skin I havent had any breakouts as a result of using it!Clearer days!
what can you do for dry oily skin on your face?
Q: i have read in magazines to use lotion for dry skin, and for oily skin to use less lotion. the more lotion i use the more oily my face gets, but even if i use none it gets oily. i have looked in drug stores and i have seen products for oily skin but i dont know what to use and some say something like semi-drying and im assuming it means it dries out your skin a little which i dont need more of. ponds moistuizing cream stuff seems to work good if i use it at night but that leaves my face oily till i wash it so i wont use it if im going out, and either way, my face will still get oily.can someone please help me? i would like to solve my problem but i dont know how.
A: Try Ester-C Super-C Cleanser gentle face wash by Jason it removes makeup, excess surface oil and dirt without drying good for all skin types. Most often found online or at health markets. Price seems a bit high but well worth it. Certified Organic and a little goes a long way.
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