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What should I eat with my hypothyroid

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Choices for your hypothyroidism diet include zinc, iodine and vegetables. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-i-eat-with-my-hypothyroid ]
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What should I eat with my hypothyroid
Choices for your hypothyroidism diet include zinc, iodine and vegetables.
What should you eat if you are hypothyroid?
If you do find you have an under active thyroid there are a number of dietary measures you can take to help manage your condition. This basically involves reducing intake of foods that inhibit thyroid function and increasing intake of the v…
Will it effect me if I eat Nutella which contains soy Lecithin be…?
I too am hypothyroid. I’ve read that soy can block absorption of thyroid medication. Do you eat a lot of Nutella? I think if you eat a little bit of it now and then, the small amount of soy lecithin in it probably won’t hurt you. I think…

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what tests should I get done to check for hypothyroid?
Q: I am tired all the time and have a lot of the same symptoms that go along with hypothyroid. Should I eat the morning of my bloodtest? I think I’m going to try to get a TSH and free t3 and t4 test…If this is just a regular appointment with my physician, could I get a TSH blood test that day? or do I have to have it a different day? Any information would be great, thank you
A: I work in a doctors office. Normally for Thyroid tests, you don’t have to “fast” before taking the test. That means you can eat a normal “light” breakfast. If your doctor appointment is in the afternoon, you can also have a normal lunch. Best not to eat a “heavy” breakfast or lunch.The doctor will normally order a TSH, Free T3 & 4, some doctors will also order a T3 Uptake. Depending on your insurance the blood can be drawn at the doctors office, then sent to a lab, or they will send you directly to the lab to have the blood drawn. Some doctors office’s don’t “do” blood in the office, they send all their patient to the lab. You can still do this the same day as your doctors appointment. Most labs are open late in the evening.If you tell the doctor your symptoms, he may decide you need other tests. There are several things that mimic the symptoms of hypothyroid.Good Luck, Hope you feel better soon, and your doctors visit goes well.
How bad is this? Is it alright or should I change something?
Q: I recently started a food journal to see what I was eating and to make sure that I wasn’t eating to many calories to find out that I don’t eat enough calories. My journal for yesterday showed 1038 calories and I ate breakfast lunch and dinner this includes all the extras that I added to my food, like butter and etc. I don’t drink anything but water so that may be why. Does this mean I need to eat more. I am already full and I don’t want to eat more. What should I do? I also workout with taebo for an hour everyday. I have lost 30 lbs since Feb 06 when I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid Disease. I still want to loose about 20 -25 more lbs but I want to do this the best way. I figured my calories for today so far and I have had 861 calories so far and that’s with breakfast and lunch. I don’t eat a whole lot for breakfast, because it makes me kinda sick. What do I do? Is this really bad that i don’t eat enough calories I read somewhere that you should eat at least 1200 calories.
A: 1000 calories are sufficient if you are (1)trying to lose weight and (2) getting all the nutrients you need from your diet. Congratulations on losing weight despite your thyroid problem! Speak to your doctor or dietitian to make certain you are getting the nutrients you need and are properly counting your calories.
should i opt for operation?im hypothyroid..?
Q: I am a hypothyroid 24 yr old female fr last 1 yr.this was my test result on july 2007–TSH >150 IU/mLFT3 <0.20 pg/mLFT4 0.25 ng/dLI am on eltroxin 100mcg since then.later it came 2 normal.bt now its gone below normal i.e TSH 0.160 T3 5.37 pmol/LT4 15.65 pmol/Ldoc has advised me 2 skip my med once in a week.bt im havng prob now also like pain,fatigue,weakness,sleepiness,etc.i hav reduced my wt by 2 kg with a gr8 difficulty bt in a week i gained that 2 kgs again.i dont eat much.bt now i started feeling very hungry.is it coz of hypothyroid.im fed up .i cnt exercise as i feel too tired.so cud any1 let me know that shud i go 4 an opeartion or what?when will my symtoms vanish and when will i reduce my weight??
A: What you have NOW is a medication-induced HYPERthyroid state. Essentially, the Eltroxin you’re taking is too strong. I can see how someone might suggest to “skip” your med for a bit, however, the appropriate answer would be to reduce the strength of your medication. I’d probably drop it to about 75 mcg./day and recheck your TSH level in 6 weeks. Having an operation to cut out your thyroid is NOT the answer to this situation. If the thyroid is not working correctly (under performing), then how is taking it out going to make anything better? It’s not. Kind of like removing the front end of your car because the lights stopped working. The standard of care does not readily suggest “skipping” days or weeks if one has not already tried reducing the strength of the medication FIRST! Best of luck!
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